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Impressions of a 5-year-old: What I Learned From Scarlett O’Hara

I’ll admit it, I love vintage movies. I have since I was 5-years-old, and watched “Gone with the Wind” with my mother. Back in the late 70s, you could catch it on network TV. After one viewing, I knew I wanted to grow up to be Scarlett O’Hara. I didn’t know at 5 that it was impossible to grow up and be a movie character, but I suppose you could say I knew I wanted to have her glamorous wardrobe and amazing sense of style.

Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara

Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara


I know that Scarlett has lots of terrible character flaws, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about recognizing something fabulous at a young age, and how it shapes you. Here’s what made a huge impression on me at 5.

1. Scarlett’s raised eyebrow: I remember spending hours in front of the mirror after seeing “Gone with the Wind” and practicing the raised eyebrow. By the time I was nearly 6, I had it down. I could scorn kids from across the room with my eyebrow alone. It’s a powerful tool.

Scarlett raising her eyebrow and feathered shoulder.

Scarlett raising her eyebrow and  a feathered shoulder.

2. A love of being pale: After hearing about how prized pale skin was in the film, I stayed out of the sun, and never tanned. I got teased my entire childhood/teenage years. Now, I reap amazing benefits of staying out of the sun, wearing gobs of sunscreen, and I have been known to purchase the occasional excessively large floppy hat.

3. A love of feminine dresses: It was impossible for me to watch Scarlett flounce around in the largest dresses imaginable, and not want to wear pretty flowy things. I love a good pair of well tailored trousers, but there’s nothing like a beautiful dress.

Scarlett in the dress she wears to the Barbecue

Scarlett in the dress she wears to the Barbecue

4. A deep need to have long hair: Throughout the film, Scarlett’s hair is styled in so many different and beautiful ways. I realized at an early age that long hair doesn’t have to be boring. When I have the time, I love to curl and find creative ways to put my hair up. I was much better at it when I was in my 20’s, but I might have just re-inspired myself!

Ringlets yes, but  she proves they're not just for the under 10 crowd.

Ringlets yes, but she proves they’re not just for the under 10 crowd.

Scarlett and Rhett - She even looks great in a snood!

Scarlett and Rhett – She even looks great in a snood!

Long loose curls right after waking up.

Long loose curls right after waking up.

Scarlett's hair is piled high with some serious curl. I know Melanie is dying, but that's no reason to look awful.

Scarlett’s hair is piled high with some serious curl. I know Melanie is dying, but that’s no reason to look awful.

Watching “Gone with the Wind” at 5-years-old only started me down the road of vintage film. I started watching everything I could find. By the mid 1980’s, AMC (American Movie Classics) was my favorite channel on cable. After Ted Turner purchased all the rights to most of the classic films, TMC (Turner Classic Movies) was my favorite.

I have a deep and abiding love of red lipstick and pin curls because of all the 1940’s war films I saw. I love hats and gloves from all the times I saw glamorous film stars sport them on screen. Dresses cut on the bais make me melt. I’m a complete sucker for anything that’s art deco. The larger the jewelry, the better!

I know that in 2014, I can’t sport a pure on 1930’s or 1940’s look, but I can take inspiration. A jeweled hair clip here, a swipe of red lipstick there, and a beautifully cut dress.

I love that all this comes from my favorite screen star Vivian Leigh who brought Scarlett O’Hara to life for me, and many others. It had a huge impact on me at 5-years-old.

The amazingly gorgeous Vivian Leigh

The amazingly gorgeous Vivian Leigh


P.S. Maybe it’s time to watch “Gone with the Wind” with my 4 and 6-year-old girls and have them stop watching Jem, or who knows what they’ll love in 20-30 years.

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Meet Poppy, the creator of Lipstick Queen

I’ve fallen in love with lipsticks from the brand Lipstick Queen. I have both Sinner (opaque) and Saint (sheer) shades. I think that they are amazing in texture and color. These lipsticks feel amazing on my lips and are the ones I tend to reach for more and more in my huge lipstick stash.

I came across this article about the Lipstick Queen brand creator on Into the Gloss. What I loved about Poppy is that she has an amazing idea of what every day glamour can be, and how we can all achieve it. I also love that she’s not just a died in the wool high-end product lover.  I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.

Read the article here

Accessories Say It All

I spent several hours last night falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole. I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot for beautiful things. My mother and I always laugh that when we’re shopping together, we always seem to like the most expensive things in the store. If we’re shopping for shoes, we both like the $400 pair instead of the $89 pair. If we’re looking at handbags, we’re drooling over the Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors bags, and completely miss the bags on the sale rack that are more reasonably priced.

Pinterest is my place to dream. It’s like accessory porn. It’s place I hide all my dark handbag desires from my husband. If he saw it, he’d just say “Another purse? Don’t you have 20 of them already?” I use Pinterest as my place to save ideas, and develop my personal style. It’s also a great place to see what other people are up to.

I’ve always been a big believer that more than anything else, your accessories tell people who you are. If the person across the room misses the opportunity to talk to you, your handbag in a punchy color tells them something about you. If you’re quietly sipping  coffee at Starbucks and someone is watching you, your gorgeous sandals say that you’re a risk taker. If you’re checking out at the grocery store, and the teller notices your jewelry, they’d know that you’re whimsical, or edgy, or girly. Or all three.

You don’t have to wear safety-pin earrings, or carry a bright yellow purse. Whatever type of accessories you choose to wear, try something new this summer. Shake things up, and push your boundaries. Wear a bright color. Go for a touch of whimsy in your jewelry. Wear a classic in a new way. Hit the refresh button.

P.S. With the exception of the leopard print pumps from Macy’s, all the item in this grouping are under $100.

Accessories Say It All

New Makeup For May

I realize it’s been a shamefully long time since I’ve posted anything. Sorry. I could get into the nitty-gritty, but let’s just leave it at: my health isn’t perfect. To compensate for feeling terrible, and being poked and prodded like a lab rat, I’ve been doing a little retail therapy.

I wanted to share my most recent YouTube video with you about what I’ve been loving! I still have lots more that I’ve recorded and need to edit and upload. So like I tell my kids, “Chop, Chop lollipop!” I’ve got lots more to share, just give me some time.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Enjoy!

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Favorite Beauty Products for Spring

I wanted to show you what I’ve been wearing on my face on a fairly regular basis the last several weeks. I find that I’m reaching for these products quite a bit these days.

Beauty Favorites for Spring 2013

Here’s what interesting about these products to me. I have a ton of products that are similar to these. I must have 5 bronzers, 9 blushes, 11 mascaras, 3 pressed powders, 8 concealers, and 12-15 black pencil eye liners. These are the ones I reach for the most. I do use the others, but when I’m pressed for time, these are the ones I know I can trust for a quick look.

I started using the Exuviance Age Reverse Day Repair SPF 30 in mid January. I love this stuff. It helps counter act hyper-pigmentation while it fends off free radicals and boosts collagen. I also love that as the product dispenses, no air enters the tube, keeping the product factory perfect. The tube just collapses on itself. Perfect to the last drop.

I usually skip foundation in spring and summer, and just dot this Tarte concealer where I need it. (under eye area, corners of my nose, hyper-pigmentation spots) This is my favorite. Out of all the many I’ve tried (including Benefit’s new Fake Up) nothing works as well as this. I also love that it doesn’t settle in the crinkles under my eyes.

Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder is great to have in my makeup collection. I use it mainly as a quick topping to my face with a brush for a soft focus look. It sets my concealer and gives my skin a bit of sheer coverage. You can also use it with a damp sponge for full coverage as a foundation. I haven’t tried it yet, but I might come fall.

Eye liner is tricky territory with me. I have greasy eyes, and even some waterproof eyeliners can become a mess. Add an eye cream, and it’s a loosing battle. As a 38-year-old, I need an eye cream. I have found that tight lining is the best way for me to define my eyes on a daily basis. I love to use Smashbox’s Jetset cream liner, but when I don’t have time for a brush, and precision, I just grab for my favorite waterproof pencil. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes is amazing. It’s truly the best. I like it better than Stila’s Smudge Sticks and Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. (both are waterproof)

I’ve been on a mascara binge recently. I have 4 full size tubes of Lancome mascara, some Benefit, Make Up Forever, Clinique, and 4 faves from the drugstore. The one I can’t stop using is Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher. I have one at home in my collection, and one in my purse in my just-in-case makeup bag. Love this stuff!

I was late getting on the Mabelline Dream Bouncy Blush band wagon. I just picked some up at the beginning of this year, and I love the peachy color I got. I also love how easily it blends with just my fingers. It feels idiot proof. I say that because when I’m in a hurry, I can be sloppy. This is the perfect brush free blush for fast times.

Bronzer has been a scary cosmetic item for me for years. I say this because I’m really pale. So pale, that some high-end makeup counters don’t have a good foundation or concealer match for my skin tone. They’re too dark or too pink. I was always worried that bronzer would make me look orange, or like an Oompa Loompa. I realized that bronzer on my light skin was all about application. Using a light hand, and using a matte bronzer was what I needed. Revlon PhotoReady Bronzer is my favorite right now.

I have way too many lipsticks. Every spring I’m looking to update my look and go on a hunt for something new. This isn’t a new product, but when the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense came out, I got winter colors. Now that it’s spring, I needed something with a bit more punch. This is the perfect  bright pink for spring and summer. I’m sure it’s perfect all year long, but it’s just what I was looking for to wake up my face for spring. It’s called Plushest Punch.

Tell me what you’re wearing every day on your face. Do you have a beauty favorite? Is there one product you can’t leave the house without?

Featured Post on Beauty Expression by Luchessa

I’m so excited! I was asked to write a blog for my beauty blogger friend Luchessa, and it’s up today. I wanted to write about something I don’t frequently talk about: cleansing. I highlighted 3 of my favorite cleansing products that have made a huge difference in the way my face feels and looks. I hope you’ll check out my guest post today. If you do, make sure to subscribe to Luchessa’s blog. She writes about products I want to get my hands on, and gently reminds me to be good to myself in my beauty regimen. You can also find her on Twitter.  Just let her know I sent you.

Cleansers featured in my blog for Beauty Expressons by Luchessa

Cleansers featured in my blog for Beauty Expressons by Luchessa

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I like how easy these steps are for applying bronzer.


From now on you can’t go wrong with your bronzer. With this detailed guide you will surely succeed a perfect bronzed look for any occasion! Hope it helped you! 🙂 😀 xoxo

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Flower Cosmetics – Nail Polish Part 2

I know, I know. I promised a makeup related post. I have 4 new lip products to share with you from Flower Beauty. (Drew Barrymore’s new cosmetic line) It’s hard to find someone to take the pictures of me wearing the lip colors. My normal partner in crime (husband) has been working late and when he comes home, I feel bad asking him to take endless picture of lipsticks. I could take low quality pictures from my phone camera, but that would just be awful. I’ll wait. Maybe I’ll just have to settle for a swatch on my hand.

Here’s another nail color I picked up at Walmart for $4.98. This one is called “I LavenDare You”. It’s such a pretty color. I was trying to see if it would look better with, or without flash. I still don’t think I quite caught the shade. It has more of lilac shade to it than these pictures show. Something else I couldn’t manage to catch in these pictures was the slightest sparkle I saw in the polish when I pulled the brush out and started to paint my nails. It’s not glitter, and I’m not sure quite how to describe it. Maybe I’m not enough of a technical nail junkie yet. It surprised me because I couldn’t see it while it was in the bottle, and it was so pretty and subtle on the nail.

These photos are with 2 coats. I think a 3rd might have helped the color show up a bit more. Next time I wear it, I’ll use 3.

Flower Beauty Polish in I LavenDare You - 2 Coats - No Flash

Flower Beauty Polish in I LavenDare You – 2 Coats – No Flash

Flower Beauty Polish in I LavenDare You - 2 coats - With Flash

Flower Beauty Polish in I LavenDare You – 2 Coats – With Flash

I don’t have a lilac shade quite like this one, and I love how pretty and feminine it is. I think there is a good chance I’ll be getting more of these polishes. Especially since they’re $4.98 each.

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Up Late, or Early?


I’m not sure what to call it, but I’m still up. Is it late, or early? I’ve been missing from my blog for the past week or so. I’ve been feeling icky. Yes, that’s the technical term.

I had my second round of Botox for my chronic migraines today. I had two full syringes injected in my forehead, frown line between my eyes, crows feet, and then all over my head, neck, and shoulders. More than 40 injections. Oddly enough, it’s for medical purposes and not cosmetic. But I know that by 10 am this morning, I won’t be able to move my upper forehead much, and my crows feet will vanish again. Hopefully in 10 days my head won’t hurt anymore either.

By the time I made it home from work and picked up my two darling girls from the nanny’s house, I started feeling super icky. Turns out my kidney stones were acting up. I was diagnosed with two large-ish kidney stones the day after Christmas, and have been biding my time waiting for them to come out. Since they haven’t, I had emergency laser surgery this evening.

Thankfully it was out-patient surgery, and after having my two stones removed, I was up and about the house tidying up my bedroom, bathroom and doing laundry. Crazy I know.

I always thought surgery would knock me out, but since there was no incision, just a scope, balloon and a laser, I’m feeling like my old self again. That last sentence sounds terrible. Like some trained monkey was doing my surgery. I assure you, I had a real surgeon. The best part was the anesthesiologist. He gave me the best anesthesia of my life. It’s the fourth time I’ve been under general anesthesia, and I woke right up without being groggy at all.

So now I’m home, taking narcotic drugs for the pain, and I can’t sleep. I’ve been catching up on some TV shows on Hulu. I rearranged my makeup collection. I’ve decided to swatch some new nail colors that arrived from after their recent promotion. Look for that in the next few days. I’m also going to be doing a review/trial of top coats. Just a few things I’m planning for my blog. I hope it will be something you can look forward to.

It’s nearly 4 am, and I’m going to attempt to sleep now. I’ll take more strong drugs and try and doze. Thanks for reading my mid night ramble. When I re-read this tomorrow morning,  I suppose I can chalk this all up to narcotics. I always talk too much when I take these types of drugs. After 7 surgeries, I’ve had my fair share of these drugs. Here’s hoping I can go another 6 months without getting admitted to the hospital again. 🙂

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Love This!

Absolutely! Just what I needed to hear when I feel so exhausted this holiday season. I hope this gives you a little encouragement.

Your Style Journey


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