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My Lust List

As I was up clicking around last night on Pinterest, I happened to mention to my husband that I had this Yes Please! board, and one thing on there really reminded me of him. He put his tablet down, so he could come over and see my Pinterest board. As I brought it up, I realized that there were pins on this board of other men. Damn! Now what? I explained that everything on this board was something that that made me smile. Although  there were pictures of three men, it really wasn’t that bad since one of them was Fred Astaire.

I wasn’t showing this Pinterest board to my husband because of the men, but because of something that reminded me of him so much, I think I have to have one. It’s this bag.

Mustache Tote from

This and many other non-beauty and non-fashion items are on this board. They are things that make me smile. My husband loves to pun. He loves to make jokes with words. He loves it when I groan at his jokes, it’s the highest form of flattery. I know this makes him sound like a total geek. He is a bit. A super smart, well read, emotionally available, and damn good looking geek. That’s why I love him.

I was worried he wouldn’t take kindly to my pin of Adam Levine, Maroon 5‘s front man. He smiled indulgently, admired the bag, and asked who Adam was. Then I launched into who, and why, and NBC’s The Voice. My husband then surprised me when he said “You know what? I think you should blog about all the men you’ve lusted after before.” What! Really? He told me to start with all my early hollywood loves, and finish with my current crushes.

So here I go. I’m going to keep it classy, and make sure all the men are dressed. I’ve never been one for bare chested/half dressed men. Not even in my teen years. When everyone else was reading Bop magazine in 1987, I was reading Gone with the Wind. When my girlfriends had pictures of Kirk Cameron in their lockers, my room was plastered with Clark Gable. In my teen years, I was all about older men who were fashionably dressed. That’s why I grew up hooked on classic 1930 and 1940 movies.

Clark Gable - I fell in love with Clark when he played Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. I saw it for the first time when I was 5.

Cary Grant - I saw him first in His Girl Friday, and I've been hooked ever since.

Robert Mitchum - I've watched so many of his films, and I'm always mesmerized by dimple in his chin.

Christopher Plummer - I so had the hots for Pappa Von Trapp!

James Garner - I fell in love with James Garner in Move Over Darling with Doris Day. He's been a favorite ever since.

Okay, I'll admit it. I watched 21 Jump Street in the 80s. I fell in lust with Johnny Depp. Who didn't? He's still gorgeous, and such an amazing actor.

My husband called Ralph "Lord Voldemort" himself. I always think of the English Patient. I love Ralph Fiennes.

Joseph Fiennes is also a favorite of mine. Between Shakespeare in Love, and Elizabeth, I was head over heels.

Eric Bana - Everyone was talking about Brad Pitt in Troy, but I fell in love with Eric Bana. He is beautiful.

Gerard Butler - One amazing looking Scotsman. Hell yes!

And the man who started it all, Adam Levine. Lead singer of Maroon 5, Judge on NBC's The Voice, and good looking dude.

I just noticed that all of these men have dark hair. Maybe that’s why Brad Pitt never had a chance with me. That must be why my own husband is also a very good looking dark haired man. There is also enough facial scruff and mustaches in these pictures to help me understand why I love the tote bag. My own husband sports facial hair too. Funny that.

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It’s All In The Details

It starts out with a simple dress. Just the right dress that’s a bit demure. All this dress need to be truly fabulous is confidence, and the right details.

I fell in love with this dress because of the polka dots. I’ve always had a weakness for polka dots and black and white. What I love about this dress is that the polka dots start out as circles, and end up as ovals near the middle. It’s a fantastic print. I love color too much to pair this dress with a plain black shoe. Also, gone are the days of matching your shoes to your bag. With so much print on the dress, and a bright red shoe, I needed a neutral bag. Of course a little sparkle doesn’t hurt.

For the cosmetics, I decided to let the lips rule. I’m a huge fan of bold lips, and red is my all time favorite color. It was just such a classic choice with this polka dot print. For the perfect red manicure, I’m loving Zoya nail polish in Sooki. My very own bottle should be in the mail, and arriving at my doorstep sometime very soon.  I also think that you can never go wrong with black eyeliner and great mascara. It’s such a compliment to the red lips.

As for the hat, I know some people think it might be a bit over the top. I put it in the mix because I’m an over the top kind of gal. I love hats. I look great in them, especially ones with wide brims. I should say “Hat optional”.

Just a little something to inspire the lady in all of us.

It's All In The Details

$139 –

Joan & David platform pumps
$154 –

Lancôme lip makeup
$30 –

Lancôme mascara
$26 –

Lancôme eyeliner
$30 –

Zoya nail polish
$8 –

Aqua Large Raffia Floppy with Ribbon
$78 –

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Mommy Zombie Went to Work Yesterday

I was so late getting ready for work yesterday that I only had time to take a shower, slap on some deodorant, brush my teeth and braid my hair. I managed to leave the house wearing the same pants from the previous day. It wasn’t until I made it to my office that I noticed the stain on them. Oops. By that time, it was too late.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m a radio DJ. No one sees me, I’m in the studio for 15 hours a week total, and most of the time I’m there, the rest of the staff are out at lunch. So when I say no one sees me, I mean literally no one. There is no web cam in the studio. My boss is almost always on the phone or in a meeting. The rest of the staff are so busy, they hardly ever notice me walk in. I tell you this just so you can understand how I’ve let myself be emboldened enough to walk into the office in pig tail braids. I’m a 37-year-old woman sporting a hairstyle that a child should be wearing. I’ve come to work in my fuzzy UGG slippers before on accident, and didn’t worry too much about it.

I managed to go to work yesterday not only in pig tail Dutch braids, but without make up. I’ve spent over $200 recently on new cosmetics, and I went bare-faced to work. Now that I look at it that way, I’m not sure what I was thinking.

When I got to work, one of my co-workers stopped me to ask for fashion and  cosmetic advice for her teenage daughter who was going to a school formal. She asked me about manicure options. What sort of hair style would I suggest. What type of makeup would look best on her daughter.

I gave her a few suggestions, and headed back into my “box of solitude” aka the studio. Right before I left a few hours later, she asked if she could bring her 17-year-old daughter in for a little beauty advice. “Sure, no problem.” I said. All I could think of was “How is any teenage girl in her right mind going to take fashion advice from me, looking like this?”

After asking about her dress, and personal sense of style, I made a few suggestions. I told her what to stay away from, and what to make sure her nail tech and hair stylist didn’t do that might ruin the over all effect of effortless beauty that is so easy for a 17-year-old to attain.

This morning when I made it into work, her mom showed me pictures of her daughter all dressed up in formal wear. She was so beautiful. Long black elegant dress with a low back, black nail polish with a very high shine top coat. She also convinced her hair stylist to skip the pageant updo, and go with something a bit more casual and less perfect. Her skin is perfection. The way a young teenage girl’s skin should be. She hardly needed any makeup.  The picture was incredible. With her date, looked like a princess in a fairy tale. She took every word of my advice and look amazing.

Her mom told me a funny story today. On the way out to their car yesterday after hearing my opinion, her daughter said “I never expected her to know so much about makeup and fashion. Especially the way she does her hair and makeup.”

Touche you young beautiful thing you, touche.

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Weekend Manicure


I had time to try my new sample from the April Birchbox yesterday. It was Age of Aquarius by Color Club. I have to say how much I love this color. I added a silver tip for an unorthodox French manicure. I used Zoya nail polish in Trixie. I’m really enjoying the look of this manicure.

I’m going to post a full review of my April Birchbox later today.

Until later.

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When It’s Time to Toss

Every 6 months I go through my makeup collection and sort out what I don’t wear, and what’s gone bad. These things go straight in the trash. When I was a young college girl, it was hard for me to toss out anything. All it took for me to learn my lesson was a nasty eye infection from old mascara, and now I religiously check my makeup for what needs to go.

If you’re wondering what the shelf life of cosmetics are, here’s the rule of thumb.

  • Foundation and Concealer – These can last up to a year if you keep them in a cool, dark place. But who does that? Mine are in my bathroom. The best think to do is to keep your hands out of the containers. Remember that your hands can introduce unwanted bacteria. I buy foundation that comes in a pump, so I can’t contaminate it. It’s also good to keep an eye on the color and consistency. If it changes color or separates, its time to toss it. If it starts to smell strange, definitely toss it.
  • Powder – Any type. Powder Blush, powder eye shadow, face powder can all be kept for up to two years if stored properly. If it starts to change color, consistency, or odor, toss it.
  • Cream Blush or Cream Eye Shadow – These only last about six to eight months. They harbor bacteria much easier than powder products. Wash your hands well before you open them, and seal them well when you’re done using them, and they’ll last longer.
  • Lip Pencils and Eye Pencils – These can last for up to a year. I’ve had some last for nearly two. It’s best to sharpen them frequently to remove any bacteria. Toss them as soon as they get crumbly or get a white sheen to them, that’s the sign they’ve gone bad. You can also do a sniff test on these. If they smell like a crayon, they’re passed their prime.
  • Liquid Eye Liner and Mascara – These shouldn’t be kept for more than six months. I feel like I’m begging for an eye infection after about four months. The hard part for me is to remember when I opened the tube. I’ve started using a small white sticker with the date on it, and I slap it on the tube of mascara, or liquid eye liner. When I’ve gone about 4 months, I replace it.
  • Lipsticks – Experts say that a lipstick should last only one year. I don’t go by a calendar year. Instead, I use my nose. Once the lipstick starts to smell like a crayon, it’s over. Toss it, and get yourself a new one. If you really want to keep your lipstick fresh, keep it in the fridge. I don’t have room for non-food items in my fridge, but if you do, you might want to make a little room for your cosmetics.
  • Lip Gloss – I use a similar rule of thumb for gloss as I do for lipstick. I find that gloss is quicker to separate than anything else. Once that happens, I toss it. I always sniff gloss before I apply. I’ve put on old, yucky gloss before and it tasted horrible.

I hope that’s helpful. As I was tossing out old cosmetics, I reorganized my current stash. I should say I have two stashes. The one I leave out on the counter for everyday use, and the one I have put away in cupboards and drawers if I need to do something elaborate. I have so much makeup, its shameful. Really.

Here’s what my newly reorganized counter top stash looks like.

Pink Makeup Box with "Every Day" Lipsticks, Mascara, Foundation/Concealer, Blush, Gel Eye Liners

Pink Makeup Box with Eye Palettes, BB Cream, Serum, and Perfume

Combs, Makeup Brushes, Eye Liner Pencils, Makeup Remover

And just because I want you to know why I call myself The Lipstick Gal, here’s the rest of my lip collection. (after I thinned it out)

The "Just-In-Case-I-Need-Them" colors of lipstick and lip gloss I keep in a drawer. This photos was taken after I tossed 15 others out that had passed their prime.

Take some time this weekend and look through your makeup bag. Maybe sniff through your make up bag. Get rid of what is past its “best by” date, and replace it. Your face will thank you.

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When Is Too Many, Too Many?

The longer and longer I continue to blog, the more and more I realize I have many collections. I have a lipstick collection. I have a nail polish collection. I have a shoe collection. I have a handbag collection. I have cosmetic sample collection. I’m not even going to go into what collections I have outside my closet and bathroom. This could quickly become a long drawn out confession.

I was picking up my earrings this evening and putting them away when I realized that I have quite an earring collection. I don’t know what prompted me to do it, but I pulled out all of the earrings I made myself, and took pictures. I have 26 pair of earrings I’ve made. That may not be a lot, but that’s only 1/3 of my total collection. Here are  pictures of my 9 favorite pair of homemade earrings.

The funny thing is that I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 31. It’s only been 6 years, and in that time, I’ve accrued way more than I can wear. I’ve actually gone through my collection several times and sold some at garage sales, or donated them to Goodwill. I know I can’t keep everything, but with close to 80 pair, I still feel I have too many.

In my opinion, jewelry is on of the best accessories ever. You can do so much with it, and it says so much about you. You also don’t have to be tied down to a certain style when it comes to jewelry. I have a little of everything in my collection. I wouldn’t see myself as a preppy girl, but I do have some  preppy jewelry. I’m not very bohemian, but I do have some boho jewelry in my box. Even though I LOVE hand-made jewelry, I do have some cool, cheap Target earrings. I think the more you say “That’s not for me” the more likely you are to limit yourself, and your jewelry box.

Here are some rules I’ve learned.

1. Don’t buy it if you don’t LOVE it. – I don’t care if it’s on sale, or if it’s similar to the one you really like, but can’t afford right now. You won’t wear what you don’t love.

2. They don’t have to be expensive to be fantastic. – One of my favorite pairs were $4 from Target. They look super expensive, and would fit in perfectly on the set of the Tudors. Very Renaissance, and very elegant.

3. Branch out. – If you always wear drop earrings, get a pair of hoops. If you’re a hoops girl, find some pretty studs. If you’re always wearing small and dainty earrings, go for something daring. It’s no fun to have a jewelry box full of the same type of earrings

4. Try something unexpected. – A color, a size, a style. I really like elegant earrings, but I keep seeing they crazy fun earrings by Betsey Johnson and I keep going back for another look. Chances are I’ll end up with a pair. They’re nothing like what I already have, but I love the whimsy in them.

5. Know what looks good on you. – If you look best in gold metals, don’t buy silver. And vice versa. Also know what works best on your body type.  I’m a big girl. I know that I look best in eye-catching jewelry. Most of my earrings are large on purpose.  If I wear small earrings, I wear a large bracelet/cuff or a statement necklace. If you’re petite, don’t weigh yourself down with huge baubles.

6. Remember that fashion jewelry isn’t forever. – So go through your jewelry box, and thin it out. If you don’t wear it any more, get rid of it. You can have a jewelry swap with your girlfriends. You could have a yard sale. You could always try to resell it on Ebay. If you really just want to get it off your hands, you could just donate it to Goodwill.

Obviously it’s time for me to pare down my earring collection. Chances are, after I make more room, I’ll just fill it up again. What about you? Are you going to pare down, or go shopping for more?

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Still Working It Out

Well, I’ve been dying to try some free hand nail art. I’ve never done anything elaborate, but after seeing this easy video on, I thought I would try it. I watched it in passing on Thursday last week, and then decided to try it yesterday while the kids were napping. The problem was, I should have watched it again before putting the polish on. Application was easy, but I placed the dots in the wrong place. I should have kept them close to the tip instead of starting at the top and working my way down. I’ll also overlap my dots more next time.

I’m willing to try this again. Until then, here a photo of my first attempt.

Polka Dot Manicure

I used Sally Hansen White On (white) Zoya Creamy (Yellow) Zoya Kylie2 (coral) OPI Fly (teal) Something I’ll try again. Would you Polka Dot?

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Wait! I Can’t Afford That . . . Part 3

So here it is, the final installment in my realistic accessories posts. The fun earring. Several posts back, I created a Polyvore set with lots of cosmetics, and 3 very expensive accessories. Accessories that I would never be able to afford. (unless I skipped paying some very necessary bills and went on a shopping spree instead) I decided to find some affordable items that I would be willing to spend money on instead of lusting after luxury items.

Affordable Fun Earrings
I decided to keep them priced under $100. I usually am willing to pay around $50 for a great pair of earrings. This is where I admit that I live in a small town, and my local stores don’t sell lots of great options. Two and a half years ago, a good friend of mine invited me to attend a jewelry making class with her. I jumped at the chance to learn to make my own earrings. Now, most of the stuff I wear, I make myself. If I had the options of seeing these beauties in my local department store, chances are I’d save myself a trip to the bead store, and about 6o minutes of time, and just buy one of these. Every time I go to the bead store I spend about $50 anyway.
Since I’m a “big” girl, I wear larger jewelry anyway. Dainty stuff just looks silly on me. I’m also not afraid of color. Summer is the perfect time to try something a little out of your comfort zone. Style rules get relaxed a bit. I always find there is more fun and whimsy in summer fashion. So grab a pair of fun earrings and sport them with confidence this summer. You’ll look fabulous, I promise!
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Wait I Can’t Afford That . . . Part 2

I don’t know how this happens, but when I go shopping I always end up liking the most expensive things. It’s not like I’m shopping for designer brands only. I just walk around and when something catches my eye, I gravitate towards it. Its only when I look at the tag, that I realize that the bag I LOVE is a $489 Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

When I’m “window shopping” online I just fall in love first by the looks of something, and then get horrified at the sticker price. That’s when I say “Who Cares!” and just go with it, because I’m not actually buying anything.

In my blog Getting Ready for Summer I used a beautiful pair of Jeweled Vera Wang sandals in my Polyvore set. The same thing happened to me that always does. I fell in love with them before I saw the price. When I saw the price and the label, I realized that I would never own those sandals. I could only ever lust after those sandals.

I’ve purchased a new pair of jeweled flat sandals every summer for the past 5 years. They are just a staple that I can’t do without. I wear them with everything. They’re like jewelry for my feet. There are times during the summer whenI don’t have time to give myself a pedicure. When my toenails are bare, my feet still look pretty in sandals like these. They’re also great for days when you spend lots of time on your feet. In a perfect world I would always be wearing gorgeous heels, but I have two small children who I have to run after. I spend lots of time bending over picking up things off the floor. Heels aren’t a practical option for me on the crazy. busy days. These are.

Just in case you were wondering, they look great with just about anything. Linen slacks, jeans, a maxi dress/skirt, shorts. You name it, chances are these sandals will work.

All of the sandals I choose are under $100. I know I don’t have a traditional office job. I work as a radio DJ, so there are few people who see me, and my office is very casual. I can get away with wearing shoes like this to work. If you can’t, think of them as the perfect weekend accessory. Comfortable yet stylish. I could certainly use more of that on my weekend.

Affordable Jeweled Sandals

Vince Camuto low heel sandals
$98 –

Steve Madden summer shoes
$90 –

Not Rated sparkly shoes
$35 –

Sam edelman wedge
$100 –

Steve Madden flat thong sandals
$90 –

Matisse glitter sandals
$90 –

Alegria Baliwood
$80 –

Kenneth Cole Reaction Glam
$39 –
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