Up Late, or Early?


I’m not sure what to call it, but I’m still up. Is it late, or early? I’ve been missing from my blog for the past week or so. I’ve been feeling icky. Yes, that’s the technical term.

I had my second round of Botox for my chronic migraines today. I had two full syringes injected in my forehead, frown line between my eyes, crows feet, and then all over my head, neck, and shoulders. More than 40 injections. Oddly enough, it’s for medical purposes and not cosmetic. But I know that by 10 am this morning, I won’t be able to move my upper forehead much, and my crows feet will vanish again. Hopefully in 10 days my head won’t hurt anymore either.

By the time I made it home from work and picked up my two darling girls from the nanny’s house, I started feeling super icky. Turns out my kidney stones were acting up. I was diagnosed with two large-ish kidney stones the day after Christmas, and have been biding my time waiting for them to come out. Since they haven’t, I had emergency laser surgery this evening.

Thankfully it was out-patient surgery, and after having my two stones removed, I was up and about the house tidying up my bedroom, bathroom and doing laundry. Crazy I know.

I always thought surgery would knock me out, but since there was no incision, just a scope, balloon and a laser, I’m feeling like my old self again. That last sentence sounds terrible. Like some trained monkey was doing my surgery. I assure you, I had a real surgeon. The best part was the anesthesiologist. He gave me the best anesthesia of my life. It’s the fourth time I’ve been under general anesthesia, and I woke right up without being groggy at all.

So now I’m home, taking narcotic drugs for the pain, and I can’t sleep. I’ve been catching up on some TV shows on Hulu. I rearranged my makeup collection. I’ve decided to swatch some new nail colors that arrived from Zoya.com after their recent promotion. Look for that in the next few days. I’m also going to be doing a review/trial of top coats. Just a few things I’m planning for my blog. I hope it will be something you can look forward to.

It’s nearly 4 am, and I’m going to attempt to sleep now. I’ll take more strong drugs and try and doze. Thanks for reading my mid night ramble. When I re-read this tomorrow morning,  I suppose I can chalk this all up to narcotics. I always talk too much when I take these types of drugs. After 7 surgeries, I’ve had my fair share of these drugs. Here’s hoping I can go another 6 months without getting admitted to the hospital again. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Up Late, or Early?

  1. I hope you feel better soon! I know how you’re feeling actually I haven’t been sleeping well either and o get horrible migraines as well! I had no idea they could be treated with botox.

    • Natasha, they need to be chronic migraines or your insurance won’t cover it. 15 full days or more a month. You also have to have tried 4 other approved oral meds that fail. If your insurance won’t cover it, it’s about $2,000.every three months. I see a neurologist for my treatment. He’s amazing! I hope you find a solution, I wouldn’t wish migraines on anyone.

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