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Red Lips

The Holidays are here! Thanksgiving is over, and over the next 5 weeks we’ll be celebrating even more. I know that there will be a party or two to attend, and the age-old question is always “What lipstick will I wear?” That was the question you were thinking of right?

I’ve had an abiding love of red lips ever since I was a child. All it took was one black and white classic movie to hook me. I instinctively knew those beautiful women were wearing red lipstick.

Heddy Lamar during Hollywood’s Golden Era

I raided my lipstick collection to make a video that included my favorite red lipsticks for you. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Holidays, and Happy Lipsticking!

Rebecca (The Lipstick Gal)

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A Blast From The Past

Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’s Diary – In the “Reindeer Jumper”

Please tell me you remember this picture. It’s from the film Bridget Jones’s Diary with Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth. Remember how excited Renee’s character was as she was walking up to meet Colin. He had his back to her. Her inner dialog was so upbeat, she even said “Ding Dong!” Then he turned around in this crazy sweater and all her hopes were dashed.

I connected so much with that moment in the film because I was that kid in the 80’s with those terrible sweaters. I almost died of shock this fall when I saw that they were making a comeback. Everyone is making loud sweaters.

Balenciaga Sweater

Versace Sweater

Kenzo Sweaters

I found that the company Madewell is offering some printed retro sweaters this fall as well. Here they are.

Solange Knowles in the Madewell “Counting Sheep” Sweater

Madewell Owl Sweater

Madewell Neon Snowflake Sweater

These Madewell sweaters reminded me of some vintage ones I found online. I hope these at least bring a giggle.

Vintage 80’s Black Sheep Sweater

Vintage 80’s Bunnies and Carrots Sweater


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This photo made my day. It’s just the right amount of random and happy. I hope it makes you smile too.
– Rebecca


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Red Nail Polish . . . What?

I love the color red. I admit it’s my favorite. I have red shoes, red bags, red lipstick, red dresses, red coats and jackets. Red jewelry abounds in my collection. I LOVE red. It’s such a bold color. Every time I wear it, it makes me feel strong. I even have red furniture. I have a small red leather side table, a red toile chair and ottoman, and a vintage style red corded phone in my living room.

Because I have so much red in my wardrobe and accessories, I try and steer away from reds in my nail polish collection. Or so I thought. I took inventory yesterday and realized that I have 15 polishes that would qualify as red/berry toned.

Red Polish Wheel and Nails in Essie Size Matters

I suppose because I love red, I can’t get away from it. Oddly enough, I don’t find that I wear it that often. I just pick up the occasional bottle of red because it’s pretty. I had 3 of these shades before I started painting my nails regularly in November last year. I kept them specifically for pedicures. I would never have thought of wearing them on my hands. Now, I love wearing a bold color on my fingers. Oddly enough, red isn’t always bold enough. I love dark blues, bright yellows, punchy oranges, vibrant greens and shiny metallics.

I think it’s funny that I have 15 shades of red that I will never use  up. I suppose I can always try.

Do you have a overwhelming shade of nail polish in your collection? I’d love to hear about it.


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