Wearing Nail Art to Work

I’ve been debating wearing nail art to work. I don’t have a serious office job, but I still need to be taken seriously at work. I wonder if nail art puts me at a disadvantage sometimes. When I read this article, it gave me hope.

Let me know what you think. Would you consider wearing nail art to work? Do you already? Do you have a creative job where it might be more acceptable, or do you work in a more conventional office setting.

What are your thoughts. I’d love to know.


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7 thoughts on “Wearing Nail Art to Work

  1. Craftynail says:

    I’m in higher education- so I work with college students mostly. It’s acceptable to express yourself in my workplace- the college environment keeps us young. LOL. It’s also a very open-minded town that embraces diversity and self-expression. A little nail art is nothing compared to the stuff you see in my town! lol.
    Are you leaning towards yes or no?

    • I work in radio, but my office staff is older and a bit stodgy. Our boss is new, and is quite a conservative older man. What I used to get away with is starting to seem like a dream of the good old days. Even my cream navy polish was frowned upon this week by my boss. I don’t know it it’s time to soldier on and get him used to me and my ways, or just lay off.

  2. I work for the government and was initially quite subdued, Now, I wear whatever I want on days that I don’t have stuffy meetings or legislative prep nonsense.o to town 🙂

    I will say that no one who I have been either subordinate to or in a legal adversarial position against has ever looked at my hands (the latter are mostly male). That said, it will depend on your office culture and the field in which you work. I think, overall, fun nails have become more mainstream ( I was way too happy to see Michelle Obama sporting pastel toothpaste blue nails). Most drugstores carry an array of funky polishes and pre-decorarted nails now, so I think a lot of folks are desensitized.

    Start slow: a neutral color with subtle stamping or an offbeat French in soft shades. The try darker and deeper hues. If those pass muster, go to town 🙂

  3. Forgive my phone typos.

  4. Midnight says:

    I guess it depends on your manager and boss’s opinions of nail art.
    I’ve always wore my nails however I have wanted to at work and nothing negative has been said by anyone about them.
    In fact staff always compliment me on them and my boss has seen my nails plenty of times.
    I guess the easiest way to find out is to start off with something subtle and work your way up until anyone says that its too much for the workplace.

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