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I like how easy these steps are for applying bronzer.


From now on you can‚Äôt go wrong with your bronzer. With this detailed guide you will surely succeed a perfect bronzed look for any occasion! Hope it helped you! ūüôā ūüėÄ xoxo

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One Year Anniversary Blog Post!

It’s been an entire year of blogging! I was amazed when I opened up my blog today, and saw the “Happy Anniversary” bubble from WordPress. Truthfully, I completely forgot. I’m one of those people who doesn’t remember. I always joke that my husband is my extra brain. He remembers birthdays, special occasions, reminds me of obligations I’ve made and have forgotten. If he was a bigger part of my blogging life, he would’ve reminded me that my one year blogging anniversary was coming up. He’s not a regular reader, so he doesn’t know what’s going on here at The Lipstick Gal.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. This past year has been fun. I started this blog as a way to encourage myself to stop leaving the house looking like a Mommy Zombie. In the past year I have¬†acquired not only lots of fun cosmetics, but I’ve finally rediscovered my inner glamour girl. I’ve learned to tight line my eyes, I’ve tried countless types of mascara, I’ve signed up for 3 different fashion and beauty subscription services, and so much more. When I look back at it all, if I hadn’t rediscovered my inner glamour girl, it wasn’t for lack of trying. I feel like I’ve been getting packages in the mail almost every other week from either Sephora, Ulta, Birchbox, Zoya, Ipsy, e-Salon and Little Black Bag. Throw in a little online clothes shopping and there is almost always a box arriving at the house with my name on it. The past year has been good to me. Good-bye Mommy Zombie!

Of all the things I’ve learned this year, the one that I’ve been enjoying the most has definitely been nail art. My polish collection has grown over the past year. I now have over 100 polishes.

Zoya Stripey Love Fest! Raven, Trixie, Ziv, Fei Fei

Zoya Stripey Love Fest! Raven, Trixie, Ziv, Fei Fei

I wore this look last weekend and loved it. It wasn’t hard to do at all, I painted all my nails black with Zoya Raven, then used a striper brush to add the lines with 3 different metallic colors from Zoya. Trixie (silver), Ziv (gold), Fei Fei (metallic silvery blue).

After taking it off ¬†to change my polish, I found a tear in my thumb nail. I was so sad I had to clip them all down to nubbins. Here’s what I did in my free time today as my kids napped.

Franken polish - my own light blue concoction using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear White On, Essie Chinchilly, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Franken polish – my own light blue concoction using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear White On and a drop or two of China Glaze Man Hunt, Essie Chinchilly, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Last week I started playing around with making my own nail polish shades. Since Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear polish isn’t terribly expensive, I picked up several bottles of White On. It’s a¬†favorite¬†white shade of mine. I started adding drops of other colors I had in my stash to make pretty pastel shades for spring. I put them all in empty Seche Vite top coat bottles. I stopped throwing them away months ago when I started thinking about making my own colors. I really like this pretty shade of blue. It seemed just right for a cloudy set of nails.

Although this year has been a year of falling in love with nail polish and nail art, I still have my first love: Lipstick. I’ll show you some new swatches in the next few days. Thanks again for reading!

Please tell me, what has been the best part of your last 12 months? I’d love to know.

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Flower Beauty Lip Products Review

I’ve been waiting to share this review with you. I managed to take the pictures myself. You know those awkward arm’s length pictures people take of themselves on vacation, that’s what I did. Only I had a digital SLR camera with a flash at arm’s length. I should have put some of the epic photo fails here, but it’s already a photo heavy post. So here we go!

If you’re not familiar with Flower Beauty, it’s Drew Barrymore’s brand new cosmetic line. It’s available only at Wal-Mart. The idea is high-end products at drugstore prices. Of course I was very¬†intrigued and wanted to see if the ideal held up in reality. I was interested in trying out more of the line, but my local Wal-Mart only had a 3-sided end cap display¬†with nail polish, mascara, eye liner, and 4 types of lip products that will all be featured here in this post.

Princess and the Peony Lip Butter and Pretty in Petunia Lip Gloss

Princess and the Peony Lip Butter and Pretty in Petunia Lip Gloss

Flower Lip Butter in Princess and the Peony

Flower Lip Butter in Princess and the Peony

This first lip swatch is the Lip Butter in Princess and the Peony. I like the way it feels on my lips. It’s very sheer in one swipe, but¬†build-able. It doesn’t stay for hours on your lips because it’s a lip butter. I found that this lasted about 3 hours max on my lips before it looked like I wasn’t wearing anything. I would’ve re-applied long before, but I wanted to see how long before it was completely gone. I think that the darker shades might last longer. What I don’t like about his product is the packaging. It’s way too big. It’s enormous actually. The odd thing about it is, when you take the cap off, how small the bullet of product looks. It’s almost as if they are over compensating for such a small amount of product. I would like it much better in a slimmer package. I also have a difficult time getting the cap to snap back on properly. Of all the lip products in the post, the cap on this product gives me the most¬†hassle. Over all, I like the product. I wish there was more of it in the package, and different packaging all together.

Flower Shine On Lip Gloss in Pretty in Petunia

Flower Shine On Lip Gloss in Pretty in Petunia

This Lip Gloss in Pretty in Petunia is so wearable. It’s a lovely coral/pink shade that is easy to wear. I also love that it’s not sticky. It’s also one that leaves my lips feeling hydrated after wearing it. It’s not terribly long wearing, it’s a gloss after all, but I didn’t find myself reaching for it constantly. I like the formula of this gloss. It’s got enough pigment that you can see the color of it on your lips easily, and it’s smooth and easy to apply. It’s also a nice shine without being over the top.

Rose Bud Gloss Lip Color, Flamingo Flower and Petal Kiss Velvet Lip Color

Rose Bud Gloss Lip Color, Flamingo Flower and Petal Kiss Velvet Lip Color

Flower Velvet Lip Color in Petal Kiss

Flower Velvet Lip Color in Petal Kiss

This lipstick was not in my¬†initial haul. I went back for this shade. The two colors I got¬†initially, I picked based on the colors on the bottom of the tube. They seemed like pretty, but not overly vivid colors. I was totally wrong. They are extremely vivid. I picked this one up a few days later to have a wearable shade for work and every day.¬†¬†This is called Petal Kiss and is a matte lipstick. I like that it’s creamy when you apply it. Even though it’s totally matte, you still have a smooth and soft feeling on your lips. After a few hours it can be a bit drying. I find that to be true with most matte lipsticks, even the high-end ones. This one out performed all of my drugstore matte lipsticks. It also lasted for nearly 6 hours. I decided to wear it with a quick swipe of lip balm underneath and it’s perfect.

Flower Velvet Lip Color in Flamingo Flower

Flower Velvet Lip Color in Flamingo Flower

This is another Velvet Lip Color (matte lipstick) in Flamingo Flower. Basically a bright, pop pink. This is a great shade for spring and summer. I’m wearing it now with BB cream, skinny black eye liner, blackest black mascara, concealer an a hint of blush and highlighter. It’s so pretty and fresh. This one fades, but never seems to go away. It leaves a stain on my lips. Since it’s such an intense color, it’s so very obvious when my lips are chapped. They are a bit in the picture. (Oops) I make sure to exfoliate before wearing this shade, use a lip balm, and let it have time to sink in, then line my lips in a neutral shade before applying this color directly from the tube. It’s a fun color, but not one for every day, or every occasion.

Flower High Shine Lip Color in Rose Bud

Flower High Shine Lip Color in Rose Bud

I always love a red lipstick, but when looking for shades from the Flower line I specifically tried to not get a red lip color. I tried really hard. I looked at the bottom the tube where the color swatch is and this one looked more coral pink to me. Well, a deep coral pink, but anything but red. I also will say, I’m never one to swatch products in the store. All the drugstore products are sealed and for sale. I’d love it if they had testers, but those days are over. I don’t remember seeing testers in the drugstore since my mom was buying products there. So, I buy blindly. (and with hope) It’s a beautiful color, but not what I wanted. Beware the color swatches on the displays, and the colors on the bottom of the lipstick tubes. They aren’t always accurate.

That aside, I love the formula of this lipstick. This to me was the closest to a high-end lipstick for a drug store price. It felt so smooth and creamy on my lips. The shine was also amazing. I had a better picture showing the shine, but it was terribly out of focus. This lipstick reminded me of the Lancome Color Design formula or the Estee Lauder Pure Color formula. I was actually swatching this Flower lipstick alongside these two Lancome and Estee Lauder formulas to see how they felt. Texture, drag on the lip, shine, opacity, and it was amazing. This little $6.98 lipstick from Wal-Mart performs like a high-end lipstick. Lancome Color Design sells for $22, and Estee Lauder Pure Color sells for $25. I have several of both.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, I’d say give it a go. My only draw back is the inability to try the colors out first. Do some research online before going to Wal-Mart. Check with other beauty blogger and see their reviews of other colors. Look for real swatches. Make sure the colors you’re buying are the colors you really want. Even though I can wear all the colors I got, I wasn’t¬†expecting¬†what I got. I found the colors on the lipstick tubes to be misleading. They aren’t accurate all the time.

The Flower lipsticks have the color on the tube. Beware, it's not a perfect color match to the product inside.

The Flower lipsticks have the color on the tube. Beware, it’s not a perfect color match to the product inside.

I’m excited to try some new Flower products when my local Wal-Mart starts to stock the complete collection. If I pick up¬†anymore¬†of them, I’ll let you know. What are you enjoying from the drug store these days? Have you tried any of the Flower products from Wal-Mart?

P.S. I have a YouTube review if you’re interested.

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Flower Cosmetics – Nail Polish Part 2

I know, I know. I promised a makeup related post. I have 4 new lip products to share with you from Flower Beauty. (Drew Barrymore’s new cosmetic line) It’s hard to find someone to take the pictures of me wearing the lip colors. My normal partner in crime (husband) has been working late and when he comes home, I feel bad asking him to take endless picture of lipsticks. I could take low quality pictures from my phone camera, but that would just be awful. I’ll wait. Maybe I’ll just have to settle for a swatch on my hand.

Here’s another nail color I picked up at Walmart for $4.98. This one is called “I LavenDare You”. It’s such a pretty color. I was trying to see if it would look better with, or without flash. I still don’t think I quite caught the shade. It has more of lilac shade to it than these pictures show. Something else I couldn’t manage to catch in these pictures was the slightest sparkle I saw in the polish when I pulled the brush out and started to paint my nails. It’s not glitter, and I’m not sure quite how to describe it. Maybe I’m not enough of a technical nail junkie yet. It surprised me because I couldn’t see it while it was in the bottle, and it was so pretty and subtle on the nail.

These photos are with 2 coats. I think a 3rd might have helped the color show up a bit more. Next time I wear it, I’ll use 3.

Flower Beauty Polish in I LavenDare You - 2 Coats - No Flash

Flower Beauty Polish in I LavenDare You – 2 Coats – No Flash

Flower Beauty Polish in I LavenDare You - 2 coats - With Flash

Flower Beauty Polish in I LavenDare You – 2 Coats – With Flash

I don’t have a lilac shade quite like this one, and I love how pretty and feminine it is. I think there is a good chance I’ll be getting more of these polishes. Especially since they’re $4.98 each.

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