Midweek Manicure

Deborah Lippmann nail color in Sugar Daddy.

Deborah Lippmann nail color in Sugar Daddy.

I needed to change my polish today. I’m one of those people. One small chip, and I have to change it all. I even keep nail polish remover in my purse.  I can’t abide a messy manicure. So for a mid week change, I decided to keep going in the metallics I’d been enjoying so much over the past week and a half, but skip the glitter.

This time I opted for my only Deborah Lippmann polish. I just picked it up last month while on vacation. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. So many people rave about these polishes, I just had to see for myself.

What I really love about this polish is the color. It’s called Sugar Daddy. In some light, it looks like a straight gold. If the lighting changes, it takes on a rose gold tone. It’s really a beautiful mirrored chrome polish. I also like how easily it applies. This polish could easily show heavy brush strokes, but doesn’t. It also dries very quickly. It’s a bit thinner than most of my other polishes, so I did have some clean up when I accidentally flooded one of my cuticles.

I really love this shade, and will enjoy using it, but I’m not sure I have to rush out and grab a bunch of other Deborah Lippmann polishes. The price is what keeps me at bay. $18 is a bit steep for me just for one polish. I might acquire a few more over time, but I won’t be purchasing them in bulk like I do with Zoya, OPI or China Glaze.

Deborah Lippmann nail color in Sugar Daddy

Deborah Lippmann nail color in Sugar Daddy

Are you a fan of luxury nail polishes? Do you have a price limit on what you’ll pay for nail color? What’s you’re most expensive polish? Is it worth paying more for the higher end brands? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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8 thoughts on “Midweek Manicure

  1. This is lovely! Great shade for the Holidays!

  2. Gorgeous shade Rebecca! I haven’t actually tried any Deborah Lippman polishes yet. I try to cap myself at $10…maybe $12 if it is something really unique. But getting up to $18 seems a little nutty to me. Mostly because I have so many in my collection..and several I haven’t even tried yet. Deborah Lippman and Butter London are brands that I would love to try sometime, but aren’t rushing out to get.

    • I totally understand Shannon. I think the only reason I spent this much on this polish is because I was on vacation. I always give myself a little extra spending money and permission to spoil myself. I don’t have any Butter London polishes yet. I keep eyeing them, but the price keeps me from picking them up. Maybe I’ll get a few of the pricier polishes for special occasions. Birthdays, Anniversaries, and vacation splurges. Otherwise I’m with you. I cap my limit at $10 for an OPI polish.

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