Snowy Penguin Nails

My fellow blogger and friend, Shannon at Eyemasq did this really cute penguin nail art post just a few days ago. I loved it so much, I had to try it out.

It took me 3 episodes of Top Chef Seattle, and my husband laughing at me while I was cursing and removing all the polish from my nails only to start again, to realize this is harder than it looks. It’s not that I haven’t tried nail art before, I just haven’t blogged pictures of any attempts. So here are the first pictures of my penguins.

I knew I wasn’t able to do all 10 digits, so I decided to do 2 fingers per hand. Thumb and ring fingers. The rest I painted white and used a sparkly top coat to make it look like glistening snow and ice.

Penguins using Zoya Purity, Raven, and Arizona. Glitter top coat is China Glaze Make a Spectacle.

Penguins using Zoya Purity, Raven, and Arizona. Glitter top coat is China Glaze Make a Spectacle.


Two fingers are all I could manage. I had to use Seche Vite to smooth out all the brush strokes.

I think I spent enough time making these penguins to tickle my fancy. I’ll be trying out more nail art soon. Time to start watching some Youtube videos! If you have any suggestions for me, I’d appreciate it. I don’t want to learn to paint someone’s portrait on my nails, but I do want to learn a bit more about using real nail polish for nail art.

Thanks for taking a look at the penguins, and make sure to check out my friend Shannon’s blog, Eyemasq. She does amazing things with eye shadow and liner!

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3 thoughts on “Snowy Penguin Nails

  1. Rebecca you did such a good job, they look so cute! Your penguin feet look absolutely perfect, so neat and tidy! The little penguins are really pretty as an accent nail too and I LOVE Make a Spectacle, such a good idea for the snow. Love it! ❤

    • Well Shannon, thanks for the inspiration. I asked my kids this morning what they were, and they instantly recognized them. If a 2 and a 4-year-old know they’re penguins, I think I did a pretty good job. I’m glad you approve.

      I had to add something to the white nails, because they looked so lonely. Make a Spectacle seemed like a good idea.

  2. luchessa says:

    Adorable design!! I like penguins so much 😀

    Sweetie, you have been tagged with the Christmas tag. Stop by and keep the fun rolling 😉

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