Red Lips

The Holidays are here! Thanksgiving is over, and over the next 5 weeks we’ll be celebrating even more. I know that there will be a party or two to attend, and the age-old question is always “What lipstick will I wear?” That was the question you were thinking of right?

I’ve had an abiding love of red lips ever since I was a child. All it took was one black and white classic movie to hook me. I instinctively knew those beautiful women were wearing red lipstick.

Heddy Lamar during Hollywood’s Golden Era

I raided my lipstick collection to make a video that included my favorite red lipsticks for you. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Holidays, and Happy Lipsticking!

Rebecca (The Lipstick Gal)

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2 thoughts on “Red Lips

  1. Freya says:

    Remember when you were a single gal, dating your husband, and living in a basement? That was when you told me “You should try Angel Red by Clinique!” I still use it today. You are my guru. And our lipstick shopping trip was awesome. I think we dominated that store with our reckless lipstick abandon.

    • I love Angel Red by Clinique. By the size of my bullet, it’s an obvious favorite.

      Thanks for taking me to that amazing store last Wednesday. You helped to add two new beautiful red shades to my top list of favorites.

      You are also right about how we dominated that store. I will also say that we were so nice about it. We shared our mirrors with others, made suggestions to other customers, and were very gracious to the shop keepers even though we knew what we were doing. When two women know as much about lipstick as we do, don’t get in our way!

      Love you Freya! Thanks for making my Thanksgiving Eve amazing.

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