A Blast From The Past

Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’s Diary – In the “Reindeer Jumper”

Please tell me you remember this picture. It’s from the film Bridget Jones’s Diary with Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth. Remember how excited Renee’s character was as she was walking up to meet Colin. He had his back to her. Her inner dialog was so upbeat, she even said “Ding Dong!” Then he turned around in this crazy sweater and all her hopes were dashed.

I connected so much with that moment in the film because I was that kid in the 80’s with those terrible sweaters. I almost died of shock this fall when I saw that they were making a comeback. Everyone is making loud sweaters.

Balenciaga Sweater

Versace Sweater

Kenzo Sweaters

I found that the company Madewell is offering some printed retro sweaters this fall as well. Here they are.

Solange Knowles in the Madewell “Counting Sheep” Sweater

Madewell Owl Sweater

Madewell Neon Snowflake Sweater

These Madewell sweaters reminded me of some vintage ones I found online. I hope these at least bring a giggle.

Vintage 80’s Black Sheep Sweater

Vintage 80’s Bunnies and Carrots Sweater


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5 thoughts on “A Blast From The Past

  1. Ok, that owl sweater isn’t bad, but I still don’t think I’d wear it. 🙂 I will wear loud t-shirts though.

    • I love loud t-shirts. I wasn’t allowed to wear those as a child. Only forced into the terrible Cosby type sweater. I don’t think that Bill Cosby ever knew the damage his sweater collection did to me as a child. My mother loved the sweaters he wore, and drew inspiration from them. She never wore any herself, she just bought them or me. I was the only one in the family dumb enough to not put my foot down and say “No! I’m not wearing that!”

  2. I would definitely wear the owl one and maybe even the sheep one. But then again, I wear some weird stuff lol. I have one with llamas all over it that I adore….

    We recently got Netflix and I’ve been marathoning the original 90210 that I watched when I was growing up. The clothes and outfits are so incredible, to say the least!

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