I’ve been Botoxed

I have chronic migraines and headaches. I’ve been seeing a neurologist about it, and after trying several oral medications that didn’t work, he suggested Botox. I went in yesterday for my first set of injections.

I had over 26 Botox injections over my face, head, neck and shoulders. I won’t know for several days if it works for my headaches, but I woke up this morning and realized that I couldn’t move part of my forehead. I ran to the bathroom to take a look in the mirror, and when I saw how part of my forehead was immobilized, I started to laugh about it. That’s when I noticed that my crows feet don’t show up anymore when I laughed or smiled.

I wasn’t worried, it made me laugh even harder. It’s funny to me that chronic pain can lead to a wrinkle free face. It was ironic.

Botox Type A

Now I’m wondering what part of me has to get hurt so I can stop sleeping on my left side. I sleep predominately on my left side, and I’m starting to see more “sleep damage”  on the left side of my face than on my right side. My skin is less elastic that is used to be, and it’s showing it’s wear on my left side more than my right.

Maybe I won’t worry about it too much, and just age gracefully. As gracefully as someone with medicinal Botox can.

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5 thoughts on “I’ve been Botoxed

  1. Oh Rebecca – look at you! Migraining your way to a wrinkle free face! I hope that you find success and that your headaches subside. Best of luck my dear!

    • Oh Shannon, I’m laughing! I’ve been looking for the silver lining with my headaches ever since I had brain surgery 7 years ago and these headaches started. This has to be a perk. It has to be. If this doesn’t help, I’m back to looking for a new pain solution and I won’t be getting the Botox.

  2. I’m a chronic migraine sufferer too. I see a neurologist for the first time next week. You’ve given me a reason to look forward to it! 🙂

    • Just so you know, insurance companies need to make sure you’ve tried 4 other approved medications, have migraines/debilitating headaches 15 days or more a month, and your doctor is willing to write them a letter telling them this is the best option. I started with meds 14 months ago. Some worked for a while. When they stopped working I tried new ones that didn’t. That led to Botox. I’m sure your neurologist will have some good options for you. I hope you feel much better soon. BTW, love your nail art!

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