Fall Nails

I’ve been addicted to polishing my nails. I can’t seem to stop. In the last month, I’ve picked up over a dozen new fall shades and I’m in nail polish heaven.

I know it’s still warm enough to wear summer shades, but I’ve been wearing dark colors. Blood red, vampy wine tones, navy blue, and army greens. I do have some new fall nudes, but I’m in the mood for dark polish. The darker, the better.


This is one of my new favorites from Zoya. It’s called Evvie. It’s a smokey eucalyptus/army green shade. Beautiful. I love it. I picked it up at ULTA.

Happy fall, and embrace the darker nail colors. You’ll look smashing and chic.

P.S. I just clipped all the length off my nails because I keep accidentally scratching my children.  I’m sad to have short nails again, but it’s nice to know that I won’t poke an eye out trying to hug them.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Nails

  1. That’s a pretty color!

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