DIY Earring Organizer

I’ve had  my earring organizer up for weeks now, and have really loved using it, but I forgot to post pictures for you. Sorry. I know I’m not the only one who has a large jewelry collection. I used to keep my jewelry in a jewelry armoire, but I found that without being able to see the contents regularly, I wasn’t wearing them much. As I continue to add to my collection regularly, I like to see what I have. I also find that it’s pretty to look at.

Earring Organizer made for $10

For my 10th anniversary, my husband made a necklace frame and an earring frame/organizer that I could display all my jewelry on. I also put up a pretty mirror at face level so I can add on the jewelry last minute, and see what goes best with what I’m wearing.

This project was easy to make, and took about 30 minute total. The hardest part was cutting the hardware cloth.

  1. We picked up an old frame from Goodwill. You can get one from any thrift store, but I would recommend it be wood since you will be stapling something on to the back of it.
  2. Get some hardware cloth. My husband picked it up at Home Depot.
  3. We set aside some time to paint the frame brown. This is a similar type paint we used.
  4. Measure the back side of the frame, and using wire cutters, cut the hardware cloth.
  5. After the paint is dry, use a staple gun to attach the cut hardware cloth to the back of the frame.
  6. My husband removed the hanging wire from the back of the frame, and added a sawtooth hanger.

After hanging it up, I’ve been loading it up with all the french wire and lever back earrings I own. I still have lots more earrings, but they’re post earrings and won’t work well for this type of display. I’m still trying to find a better way of getting all of my jewelry out and visible so I can use it more, but so far, I’m happy.

This was a very thrifty project for us because my husband had everything except the frame and the paint. We had left over hardware cloth from a yard project, we had the wire cutters, staple gun and staples, and even the sawtooth picture hanger. The total we spent to bring the frame to life was less than $10. I love that I can see all my large earrings now. This frame hangs right next to my necklace frame and I use everything so much more. I’m glad that he made it for me.

P.S. With rare exception, the earrings you see here are ones I make myself. I LOVE handmade jewelry!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Earring Organizer

  1. I love that you make the majority of your jewellery yourself. I’m always on the prowl for unique pieces that are sort of weird and different. Making it yourself guarantees that its one of a kind. Very cool hobby to have!

    • It keeps me busy, and it’s less expensive that buying all the earrings myself. If I were to buy them, I would pay 2 or 3 times more. It is a bit addictive. I can spend way too much at a bead store.

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