Midweek Manicure

I love staying up late painting my nails. I know it’s not always the perfect time of day to do it’s since it right before bed, but as the mom of two small kids, it’s the only uninterrupted time I have. I sit in bed, open my bedside drawer that is full of polish bottles and everything else I might need, and get to work.

Tonight I thought I’d start Wednesday off with a bang. I recently ordered 6 new polishes from Zoya during their BOGO back to school offer, and then I picked up another 4 more at my local Ulta. So I am now the proud owner of 10 new Zoya shades that are begging to be used.

I was really taken with the gold micro glitter polishes in their Diva collection. I already had Daul, and I had to have FeiFei.

Zoya – FeiFei

FeiFei is a steely grey blue with gold, blue and pink iridescent micro glitter. I’ve been sporting FeiFei on my toes for almost a week now, but wanted to see what would happen when I added a little something extra to it. Another polish I added to my cart during the BOGO was from the Gloss Collection called Frida.

Zoya – Frida

Frida is a sheer, buildable jelly polish with a vibrant teal tone. I love this color. So for my manicure tonight I used two coats of  FeiFei, and one of Frida. I still haven’t decided if I’ll top it with another coat of jelly, or just move on to top coat. Here’s what I have so far.

Two Coats of FeiFei

FeiFei and one coat of Frida

I really love how the jelly can change the tone of a polish. I think this means that I need more jeweled toned jellies in my collection. If you have any great suggestions, just let me know. Have a great rest of the week.

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