Sparkles and Plum Tones

I made my first stop ever at an Ulta store last week and felt like I had died and gone to nail polish heaven. I know they have many other amazing products and lines that they carry, but I only had eyes for the lacquer!

I picked up 4 new Zoya colors from the fall Designer and Diva collections, and a nude shade from OPI’s Germany collection.

I’m not a huge fan of shimmer or glitter, but after seeing the Diva collection, I just had to have Daul. It’s got gold micro glitter in it, giving it the most beautiful shimmer. I also love that it’s so smooth when it dries, not rough at all. It’s also super easy to remove. (not something I expect with a glitter polish.)

I also like that it has a red tone to the purple. This is just a fun and pretty polish to wear. I also picked up the other micro glitter polish called FeiFei. It’s a steel blue with gold, pink, and blue glitter. It’s on my toes, and it looks so sophisticated.

Yes, this is a Zoya love-fest. If you haven’t tried the brand out yet, pick a color you like and give it a go. They’re only $8 a bottle. The new fall colors are amazing!


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