Stuck In Bed

I’ve been in bed for the past 4 days. I’m not sick really, but I can’t get out. It’s a long story, so I’ll give you the short version.

7 years ago I had brain surgery. (no, it wasn’t for cancer) Since then, I’ve had terrible migraine headaches for months or years at a time. In the past 12 months my neurologist has been adjusting my medication to see what will help most. What had been working amazingly well stopped working in June, and I’ve been feeling like death on a cracker for weeks now. I’ve had a constant migraine since June.

On Thursday he started me on 2 new medications for migraine prevention, and upped my dose of the other med I was already taking. So now I’m dizzy, I talk really slow, and fell out of bed yesterday morning. All this time spent in bed is boring. I’ve watched too many videos,  spent too much time trolling the internet. I have been reading some books, but I keep falling asleep. Lying down while reading has put me to sleep for more than a decade. My doctor said that if these new medications don’t work, my next option is Botox. What! I was beyond surprised. Apparently the FDA approved Botox for Migrainetreatment in late 2010. Doctors using Botox for cosmetic purposes found that their patients said that after injection they didn’t have their migraines anymore. It was an incidental finding. The treatment for migraine is based on the cosmetic treatment. Forehead, crows feet, smile lines and then multiple place around the head and neck.

Botox injection sites for migraines

In my early 30s when my mother was getting Botox, I told myself that I never would. Last year I started to reevaluate that idea.  Botox gets scary when its overdone. If used judiciously, it’s great. It keeps you from getting deep wrinkles, and you still have some movement of your face. Ironically, now there a chance that I might end up with it because of my migraines. It’s still expensive, but this time my insurance will cover it.

So in 6 weeks I’ll find out if my medications have worked, or if it’s Botox time. Until then, I can’t wait until I get used to my new medications and don’t have to stay in bed anymore. The migraine is awful, but staying in bed is the worst.

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