DIY Necklace Organizer

I have a large jewelry armoire, but it’s so full, I’m having a hard time seeing all my jewelry. I saw a great do it yourself project on Pinterest, and decided to ask my husband to make me one. If I can see my necklaces, there’s a better chance I’ll wear them more often. This is a fairly easy project, and I’m sure you could pull this off if you wanted to.

Here’s what he used:

1. An old wood frame I picked up from Goodwill. ($5.00 including a terrible print I removed from the frame)

2. Spray paint to paint the frame with

3. Clear plastic drawer pulls from IKEA ($1.99 for 6)

4. Peg board from Home Depot

5. Left over primer and wall paint from painting our master bedroom.

6. Staple Gun

Remove the print/painting from the frame and spray paint the frame. While waiting for it to dry, cut your peg board to to fit the back of your frame. You can leave the peg board white if you want, but I wanted mine to be the same color as our walls.  I wanted the necklaces to stand out, not the peg board. Prime and paint the pegboard with a smooth roller and let it dry.

After the frame and peg board have dried, you’re ready to staple the pegboard to the frame. This is why you need a wooden frame. When you’re done, you’re ready to attach your drawer pulls. My husband discovered that the pulls from IKEA had screws that were too long for this project, so he trimmed them using a Dremmel tool.

The frame we got at Goodwill had a wire hanger on it and we left it intact during the entire project for easy wall mounting. Here’s the finished project.

Homemade framed necklace organizer

Close up of peg board and draw pulls with necklaces on them

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One thought on “DIY Necklace Organizer

  1. […] my 10th anniversary, my husband made a necklace frame and an earring frame/organizer that I could display all my jewelry on. I also put up a pretty […]

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