I Might Be Crazy, But I’m Doing It Again! Part 2

So, nearly three hours later, I’m done coloring my hair with color from eSalon. Of course it didn’t take 3 hours to color my hair, but I wasn’t about to make a video with wet hair, or crazy-frizzy-just-dried-hair. I also wasn’t about to make a video without some makeup. This is my beauty blog after all. I needed a little time to primp.

The coloring process took about 55 minutes. It might take less time in the future if I get faster at applying color. I also had to invest the help of my husband. He’s always willing to help me with my crazy DIY projects, especially the beauty ones. Apparently they entertain him.

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2 thoughts on “I Might Be Crazy, But I’m Doing It Again! Part 2

  1. Freya says:

    You look GORGEOUS. I love the color. You have me tempted, although I have a box of my John Freida in my bathroom waiting to be used first. I am so amused that your husband helped out. Of course, he’s a good guy, so I’m not surprised. 🙂

    • Thanks sweetie. I’m not sure how much the John Freida costs you, but this color was amazing. My hair is soft, and silky. My hair is never soft and silky. When I used the John Freida, it cost me around $25 or $27 with tax for two boxes. I have so much hair that I needed two. If you only need one box, and you’re happy with what you’re getting, don’t switch it up. Of course trying it once for $4.99 and cancelling after is a great way to find out if you like something.

      I’m in love. In the sun, my color is AMAZING! Love it!

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