Snake Rattle and Roll

I read in a tweet early this week that Sally Hansen was making their Salon Effects Nail Strips for toes. I was excited to hear that since I had just tried the Salon Effects for nails for the first time a few weeks ago. I was quite pleased with the results.

I was at my local mega-mart today, and I happened to notice a display with the Pedicure Salon Effects strips. I tossed one in the cart,  and quickly headed home to change my polish.

I grabbed the ones called Snake, Rattle & Roll. They’re a snake print in purple, green, beige and black. The rest of the pedicure prints were a little too much look for me.

Here are my toes before with regular nail polish. By the way, I’ve got Zoya nail polish in Trixie on. I’ve had it on for 4 weeks with no chips. That’s saying a lot. I LOVE Zoya nail polish. I find that this silver foil color is like jewelry for my toes. I love it with my jeweled sandals during the summer! You can see with the grow out, it’s time for a pedicure.

I’ve never been able to just trim my toenails. I have to clip them down to stubs. I was kicking myself after the first snip of the nail clippers. I went too far. After massacring the large toenail on my right foot, I had to continue. So now they’re all way too short, and I have this really loud snake print on them.

I really like the print. I’ll probably buy it again, but I’ll make sure not to have some crazy fingernail art going on at the same time like I do now. Did I mention that I’m also wearing the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in Wild Child? It’s too much. I think the Zebra stripes have to go bye-bye this weekend.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in Wild Child

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2 thoughts on “Snake Rattle and Roll

  1. that’s pretty cool! like you said, regular nail polish lasts so long on feet that I probably won’t spend the money on the strips. still good to know, though!

    • It’s fun for when you want some nail art, and don’t want to do it yourself. I can’t imagine staying hunched over for that long. The strips were easy to use, and look pretty cool.

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