Shine On

My skin’s been looking a little dull lately. Despite my daily exfoliation with Befine Exfoliating Cleanser, and weekly use of Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, I still look a little dull. I realize it has lots to do with the fact that after 30, we start to lose our skin’s inner radiance. (I read that in Allure, so it must be true) I’m 37, so I need some help in the skin radiance department.

I’ve been a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy for a while now, and decided to start watching the spin off show Private Practice on Netflix. I’ve really been noticing how 44-year-old Kate Walsh’s skin looks so amazing. I know she’s got all the money and cosmetic surgery/dermatology behind her that Hollywood can offer, but her skin is luminous.

While I was recently browsing on Sephora, I came across her Top 10 It List.  Here it is:

Number 7 on her list is what caught my eye: Benefit Cosmetic High Beam. It’s a face highlighter that give a subtle sheen without glitter. I ordered a bottle so I could mix in some with my daily squirt of foundation that goes on my face. I want that same glow she has. It’s pretty and not sparkly. It’s not the glitter you’d find in products from Claire’s.

I’m always looking for ways to help my skin look amazing. I’ll let you know if this works.

Benefit Cosmetic High Beam

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One thought on “Shine On

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