I’ve Been Trying On Red Hair!

Just for fun, I’ve been trying on red celebrity hair. I’ve been laughing, and gasping in horror. It’s terribly entertaining. If you want to try it out, click here.

I’m due for a hair cut and color, and after my last color fiasco, I’m heading to the salon. I thought I’d think about updating my color. I was born with carrot red hair. By the time I was 6-year-old and in first grade, it was a dark auburn. At 12-years-old, I had chestnut brown hair, with lots of natural red highlights. Since I was born with red hair, and have spent most of my life with natural red highlights, I think I have the coloring to pull off red quite well. I had to “try” on the hair color to see if I was right. Here’s what I got.

Christina Hendricks’ red hair. My current favorite Hollywood redhead. I’m mad for Mad Men!

Emma Stone’s red hair

Julia Robert’s very wearable red

Nicole Kidman – Way too light for me, but I had to try it

Ashley Greene – This reminds me of my 1980s hair. VERY big, huge actually.

Kate Walsh

Looking at all the shades of red, there are some that are out of the running. I can’t pull off Nicole Kidman’s strawberry blond color, and although I love Christina Hendrick’s red, it’s a bit much for me. I’d have to commit to getting my roots touched up every 4 weeks if I went with Kate Walsh’s color. I love it, but I’m not sure I can afford it right now. So the darker reds, and Julia Robert’s red are looking more and more doable right now.

So tell me, do you color your own hair, or do you go to the salon? Is your color high maintenance, or can you let it go for a while in between colorings? Are you picky about your hair, or is it just something you deal with? Do you stick close to your natural color, or do you dye it the color you should have been born with?

Let me know if you try InStyle’s Hollywood Makeover tool. If nothing else, it’s great for a laugh! I suppose I could always be a blond.

Reese Witherspoon’s perfect blond hair

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5 thoughts on “I’ve Been Trying On Red Hair!

  1. Maybe I am crazy, but I actually like the picture of you with the blonde hair the best! I think it is super flattering on you and fun for summer! But being a natural brunette, I know going blonde is a pain and super hard on your hair…not interested! Just thought I’d drop off my two cents!

    I alternate between going to the salon or doing it myself at home. I’m not covering any gray yet, so I can just use the semi-permanent and let it fade out naturally. I usually just go a couple of shades darker than my natural for a nice rich healthy shade of brown.

    Good luck deciding, can’t wait to see what you end up with!

    • Shannon, I loved the blond too, but it would be hell on my hair. It would also be so much upkeep, it would be as expensive as if I went full on fire red. Thanks for the feedback. I am covering grey. I need it to keep me from looking as old as my mom! 🙂

      • I’m too lazy to upkeep blonde highlights even! I had peekaboos for a while, and that was a fun pop of colour…with no worry about roots. But then we were getting married and I wanted a head of hair all one colour, so they were dyed over and I’ve never gone back. My hair is pretty boring actually, now that I come to think about it! lol

  2. Funny, I liked the blond color too. 🙂

    I also liked the mad men hair and the Julia Robert’s hair. What a fun post!

    • I had fun. Mostly it was for giggles, and then I thought it might make a fun post. I was surprised how good I looked as a blond. Maintenance would be a bitch. I’m not Hollywood rich, so it’s not worth it.

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