What’s In Your Wallet . . . uhh . . . Purse?

“What’s In Your Wallet?” always reminds me of those crazy Capital One credit card commercials. There are many of reasons I dislike those commercials, but let’s talk about real estate. A wallet just doesn’t have enough real estate. There are too many things I carry with me to fit in a wallet. I need space to spread out. Space for the unexpected. Space for everything but the kitchen sink. You may not be like me, but you probably know someone like me. That woman that carries the extremely large handbag.

Truthfully, I used to only carry small purses. I have so many tiny bags and clutches. I love how ladylike they are. I don’t like to drag something around that feels like a piece of luggage and weighs as much as my 4-year-old. After having kids, my priorities have changed. I’ve gone from carrying small clutches, to enormous diaper bags. I finally scaled back 2 years ago from the huge Dooney and Bourke tote bag that I was using for a diaper bag to this.

Marc by Marc Jacobs black leather handbag

I have so many other large handbags, but this is my favorite. I can fit a crazy amount of things in this bag, and because it’s not a highly structured bag, it almost never looks stuffed to the gills. With two toddler girls I can fit all my things, and add in crayons, coloring books, children’s books, toys, sippy cups, bibs, stickers and the all important diapers and wipes for my youngest. With the bag that full, it still looks amazing.

I found myself looking for a lipstick shade today while I was at work and had a hard time finding it because of everything that was in my purse. Here’s what I found.

The contents of my handbag today 5-10-12

As you can see I have the ever present diaper and wipe. I never know when I’m going to need one. I always restock when I use them. I also keep a pack of Kleenex, a note pad, my sunglasses and case and my check book. Yes, I still carry a check book. (Library fines, and paying the babysitter) I have two metal business card cases that I use to carry my drivers license, insurance card, and credit cards. One has my essentials cards in it, the other has all my club saver cards and coupons. I’ve started to keep my nook reader in my purse too. I don’t often have a chance to read during the day, but I never know when I’ll have the perfect 15 minute stretch. I carry it around in hopes of catching a few minutes of escape in a good book. I decided not to get a smart phone several years ago because of the data plan. I carry my iPod touch and almost everywhere I go, there’s WiFi. I use my old Nokia flip Razr and bluetooth for regular cell needs. I always carry some sort of lotion in my purse. I’ve started to use the moisturizer samples I get in gift. They’re ususally not the brand I use on my face, but they’re still nice and the perfect size for my bag. I always have a hair band just in case my hair gets crazy. I also found a $20 bill floating around in the bottom of the bag with a Goody Spin Pin and my keys. I was beyond delighted to find cash, because I rarely have any.

The one thing I haven’t shown you yet was the amount of lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm I had in my purse. I clean out my purse every weekend. Throughout the week, I end up tossing in whatever seems like a good idea to match what I’m wearing. (clothing, or makeup) I was astounded to find I had so many today, especially since it’s only Thursday.

18 lip products in my purse. All of them rumbling around in the bottom of my bag.

What really made me laugh when I finally pulled all these out, was that I had a brand new Lancome lipstick that’s still new in the box. 7 of the 18 shades in this line up are sheer colors. 5 are lip balms that are colorless or near colorless, and I only have 1 lip gloss. 5 of these lipsticks are long lasting lip colors. I suppose I have all my bases covered. I could almost open up shop.

So I have to know, what’s essential in your purse? Obviously for me its lipstick. What do you make sure you always have in your purse? How do you use your real estate?

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3 thoughts on “What’s In Your Wallet . . . uhh . . . Purse?

  1. I always grab the lipstick of the day and throw it in…and end up with a crazy amount in my purse too. I counted just the other day and had 10….your 18 puts that to shame. LOL

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