My Lust List

As I was up clicking around last night on Pinterest, I happened to mention to my husband that I had this Yes Please! board, and one thing on there really reminded me of him. He put his tablet down, so he could come over and see my Pinterest board. As I brought it up, I realized that there were pins on this board of other men. Damn! Now what? I explained that everything on this board was something that that made me smile. Although  there were pictures of three men, it really wasn’t that bad since one of them was Fred Astaire.

I wasn’t showing this Pinterest board to my husband because of the men, but because of something that reminded me of him so much, I think I have to have one. It’s this bag.

Mustache Tote from

This and many other non-beauty and non-fashion items are on this board. They are things that make me smile. My husband loves to pun. He loves to make jokes with words. He loves it when I groan at his jokes, it’s the highest form of flattery. I know this makes him sound like a total geek. He is a bit. A super smart, well read, emotionally available, and damn good looking geek. That’s why I love him.

I was worried he wouldn’t take kindly to my pin of Adam Levine, Maroon 5‘s front man. He smiled indulgently, admired the bag, and asked who Adam was. Then I launched into who, and why, and NBC’s The Voice. My husband then surprised me when he said “You know what? I think you should blog about all the men you’ve lusted after before.” What! Really? He told me to start with all my early hollywood loves, and finish with my current crushes.

So here I go. I’m going to keep it classy, and make sure all the men are dressed. I’ve never been one for bare chested/half dressed men. Not even in my teen years. When everyone else was reading Bop magazine in 1987, I was reading Gone with the Wind. When my girlfriends had pictures of Kirk Cameron in their lockers, my room was plastered with Clark Gable. In my teen years, I was all about older men who were fashionably dressed. That’s why I grew up hooked on classic 1930 and 1940 movies.

Clark Gable - I fell in love with Clark when he played Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. I saw it for the first time when I was 5.

Cary Grant - I saw him first in His Girl Friday, and I've been hooked ever since.

Robert Mitchum - I've watched so many of his films, and I'm always mesmerized by dimple in his chin.

Christopher Plummer - I so had the hots for Pappa Von Trapp!

James Garner - I fell in love with James Garner in Move Over Darling with Doris Day. He's been a favorite ever since.

Okay, I'll admit it. I watched 21 Jump Street in the 80s. I fell in lust with Johnny Depp. Who didn't? He's still gorgeous, and such an amazing actor.

My husband called Ralph "Lord Voldemort" himself. I always think of the English Patient. I love Ralph Fiennes.

Joseph Fiennes is also a favorite of mine. Between Shakespeare in Love, and Elizabeth, I was head over heels.

Eric Bana - Everyone was talking about Brad Pitt in Troy, but I fell in love with Eric Bana. He is beautiful.

Gerard Butler - One amazing looking Scotsman. Hell yes!

And the man who started it all, Adam Levine. Lead singer of Maroon 5, Judge on NBC's The Voice, and good looking dude.

I just noticed that all of these men have dark hair. Maybe that’s why Brad Pitt never had a chance with me. That must be why my own husband is also a very good looking dark haired man. There is also enough facial scruff and mustaches in these pictures to help me understand why I love the tote bag. My own husband sports facial hair too. Funny that.

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15 thoughts on “My Lust List

  1. Freya says:

    I, too, have a thing for facial hair and dark haired guys. And red haired guys. And classic film heartthrobs.

    We were playing a spirited game of “boff, marry, kill” at my birthday party last week in a speakeasy (YES!) and one of the options we gave our poor waiter, who was all dressed up like a vintage chap, was George Hamilton. And he did not know who that was. Makes me sad. He was kind of dishy in Where the Boys Are. But I digress.

    • Love it! “Boff, Marry, Kill” sounds like a game to play on a girls night. I’ll have to remember that. All these black and white photos make me think I need a B&W glamour shot. You know the ones. Something very 1939 with vintage hair, borrowed jewelry, and a designer dress.

  2. Girl, I need these thighs covered. I hear pinup, and I think Betty Grable.
    I’m thinking of a glamorous head shot. More Bette Davis than Betty Grable.

  3. This is such a cute post! LOL – and my husband is never caught without a beard. I think it’s so cute how he told you to post about all your crushes.

    What is scary now though is that new movies are coming out with younger and younger guys. I’m currently obsessed with The Hunger Games because I loved the books. So I have been crushing on two men 6 and 8 years younger than me from the movie. Makes me feel like an old pervert! Tell me I’m not gross and creepy. Please!

    • You’re not gross and creepy. I loved The Hunger Games too. I’m more of a Peeta fan myself. As for younger men in Hollywood right now, I tell myself as long as they’re legal, and there is no chance of me ever being in a room with them, it’s OK. They put themselves out there to be admired anyway.

  4. Captain von Trapp was dishy, wasn’t he? I think it was that uniform and stern demeanor which melted when he fell in love with Maria. You gotta love a guy who is sweet to the missus.

    Johnny Depp — 2 thumbs, way up.

    Gerard Butler — in my mind, he is what Jaime Fraser looks like. Yes, I know he doesn’t have red hair in real life. . . . blah, blah, blah. But I don’t care. It’s my mind and I’m the casting director.

    Great post.

    • You introduced me to the hotness that is Gerard Butler. I knew of him. I’d seen him in films, but I didn’t stop and take stock until you pointed him out. Thank you Literary Tiger. My life is better for it. And by the way, I’m on your side of the casting table for Jamie Fraser!

      As for Johnny Depp, that lust/admiration goes way back to the late 80 with you and 21 Jump Street. What was his pet turtle’s name again?

      Love ya gal!

      P.S. – The Captain . . . Oh yeah baby!

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