It’s All In The Details

It starts out with a simple dress. Just the right dress that’s a bit demure. All this dress need to be truly fabulous is confidence, and the right details.

I fell in love with this dress because of the polka dots. I’ve always had a weakness for polka dots and black and white. What I love about this dress is that the polka dots start out as circles, and end up as ovals near the middle. It’s a fantastic print. I love color too much to pair this dress with a plain black shoe. Also, gone are the days of matching your shoes to your bag. With so much print on the dress, and a bright red shoe, I needed a neutral bag. Of course a little sparkle doesn’t hurt.

For the cosmetics, I decided to let the lips rule. I’m a huge fan of bold lips, and red is my all time favorite color. It was just such a classic choice with this polka dot print. For the perfect red manicure, I’m loving Zoya nail polish in Sooki. My very own bottle should be in the mail, and arriving at my doorstep sometime very soon.  I also think that you can never go wrong with black eyeliner and great mascara. It’s such a compliment to the red lips.

As for the hat, I know some people think it might be a bit over the top. I put it in the mix because I’m an over the top kind of gal. I love hats. I look great in them, especially ones with wide brims. I should say “Hat optional”.

Just a little something to inspire the lady in all of us.

It's All In The Details

$139 –

Joan & David platform pumps
$154 –

Lancôme lip makeup
$30 –

Lancôme mascara
$26 –

Lancôme eyeliner
$30 –

Zoya nail polish
$8 –

Aqua Large Raffia Floppy with Ribbon
$78 –

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2 thoughts on “It’s All In The Details

  1. I love that hat! But then again, I’m a hat girl too. I might just have to buy it. I have a Mother’s Day Tea thing I have to go to, and this might just be perfect.

    • I loved another hat that would’ve been perfect too, but it was over $300. The only truly expensive item was the bag. I did that because I have some expensive bags, and for me that’s a reality. Everything else is a possibility.

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