Still Working It Out

Well, I’ve been dying to try some free hand nail art. I’ve never done anything elaborate, but after seeing this easy video on, I thought I would try it. I watched it in passing on Thursday last week, and then decided to try it yesterday while the kids were napping. The problem was, I should have watched it again before putting the polish on. Application was easy, but I placed the dots in the wrong place. I should have kept them close to the tip instead of starting at the top and working my way down. I’ll also overlap my dots more next time.

I’m willing to try this again. Until then, here a photo of my first attempt.

Polka Dot Manicure

I used Sally Hansen White On (white) Zoya Creamy (Yellow) Zoya Kylie2 (coral) OPI Fly (teal) Something I’ll try again. Would you Polka Dot?

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2 thoughts on “Still Working It Out

  1. I think this is really cute, I also love the Polka Dot clusters that have been going around. I think it is about time I give something like this a go. Great post!

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