Wait! I Can’t Afford That . . . Part 3

So here it is, the final installment in my realistic accessories posts. The fun earring. Several posts back, I created a Polyvore set with lots of cosmetics, and 3 very expensive accessories. Accessories that I would never be able to afford. (unless I skipped paying some very necessary bills and went on a shopping spree instead) I decided to find some affordable items that I would be willing to spend money on instead of lusting after luxury items.

Affordable Fun Earrings
I decided to keep them priced under $100. I usually am willing to pay around $50 for a great pair of earrings. This is where I admit that I live in a small town, and my local stores don’t sell lots of great options. Two and a half years ago, a good friend of mine invited me to attend a jewelry making class with her. I jumped at the chance to learn to make my own earrings. Now, most of the stuff I wear, I make myself. If I had the options of seeing these beauties in my local department store, chances are I’d save myself a trip to the bead store, and about 6o minutes of time, and just buy one of these. Every time I go to the bead store I spend about $50 anyway.
Since I’m a “big” girl, I wear larger jewelry anyway. Dainty stuff just looks silly on me. I’m also not afraid of color. Summer is the perfect time to try something a little out of your comfort zone. Style rules get relaxed a bit. I always find there is more fun and whimsy in summer fashion. So grab a pair of fun earrings and sport them with confidence this summer. You’ll look fabulous, I promise!
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