Wait I Can’t Afford That . . . Part 2

I don’t know how this happens, but when I go shopping I always end up liking the most expensive things. It’s not like I’m shopping for designer brands only. I just walk around and when something catches my eye, I gravitate towards it. Its only when I look at the tag, that I realize that the bag I LOVE is a $489 Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

When I’m “window shopping” online I just fall in love first by the looks of something, and then get horrified at the sticker price. That’s when I say “Who Cares!” and just go with it, because I’m not actually buying anything.

In my blog Getting Ready for Summer I used a beautiful pair of Jeweled Vera Wang sandals in my Polyvore set. The same thing happened to me that always does. I fell in love with them before I saw the price. When I saw the price and the label, I realized that I would never own those sandals. I could only ever lust after those sandals.

I’ve purchased a new pair of jeweled flat sandals every summer for the past 5 years. They are just a staple that I can’t do without. I wear them with everything. They’re like jewelry for my feet. There are times during the summer whenI don’t have time to give myself a pedicure. When my toenails are bare, my feet still look pretty in sandals like these. They’re also great for days when you spend lots of time on your feet. In a perfect world I would always be wearing gorgeous heels, but I have two small children who I have to run after. I spend lots of time bending over picking up things off the floor. Heels aren’t a practical option for me on the crazy. busy days. These are.

Just in case you were wondering, they look great with just about anything. Linen slacks, jeans, a maxi dress/skirt, shorts. You name it, chances are these sandals will work.

All of the sandals I choose are under $100. I know I don’t have a traditional office job. I work as a radio DJ, so there are few people who see me, and my office is very casual. I can get away with wearing shoes like this to work. If you can’t, think of them as the perfect weekend accessory. Comfortable yet stylish. I could certainly use more of that on my weekend.

Affordable Jeweled Sandals

Vince Camuto low heel sandals
$98 – nordstrom.com

Steve Madden summer shoes
$90 – zappos.com

Not Rated sparkly shoes
$35 – zappos.com

Sam edelman wedge
$100 – nordstrom.com

Steve Madden flat thong sandals
$90 – nordstrom.com

Matisse glitter sandals
$90 – nordstrom.com

Alegria Baliwood
$80 – zappos.com

Kenneth Cole Reaction Glam
$39 – zappos.com
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2 thoughts on “Wait I Can’t Afford That . . . Part 2

  1. Freya says:

    Love the Maddens and the Matisse! I feel that I need those. I see Matisse on sale at Haute Look a lot, so I think I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a sale!

    • I love those too! I usually go for a grown up flip flop because of my thick ankles. If I had your ankles, I’d rock the other style with the strap. I like some of those a bit better. I hope you find some on sale Freya.

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