Getting Ready For Summer

I know that we just started spring, but I’ve been thinking about summer already. I don’t know about you, but there’s lots of change to my make up routine during the warmer months. I’m stocking up on brighter nail color, and sheer lipsticks.

With my mom’s recent visit, we were swapping favorite lipsticks. My mom likes a full coverage lipstick, I favor something with sheer coverage. Now that warm weather is heading our way, I was encouraging her to try something sheer. I pulled out my entire collection of Clinique Chubby Sticks, and Almost Lipsticks. She fell in love with Clinique’s Chubby in Richer Raisin. It’s a lovely sheer plummy brown shade.

My love affair with sheer shades comes from the fact that I look 5 -7 years younger when I’m wearing a sheer shade. The other reason I love sheer lipsticks, is because I can apply them without looking in a mirror. 98% of the time, I don’t have a terrible application mishap.

When my mom fell in love with the Chubby in Richer Raisin I went to my local Macy’s to pick it up for her. When I walked in, I found out they were in gift. You know what “In Gift” means right? If you purchase just enough product, ($23.98 in Clinique product) you can get more free product. I wasn’t planning on getting anything else, but I’ve never been able to pass up any cosmetic company in gift. I picked up two sheer Butter Shine Lipsticks for myself in “Pink-a-Boo” and “Berry Shine”. Perfect sheer color for summer. I also was about to get a third one, but I decided two lipsticks,and the Chubby for my mom was enough. As I was taking to the sales lady at the Clinique counter, she realized that I had a deep love of lipsticks. As I was about to check out, she asked me what my third favorite color was. When I mentioned that it was “All Heart”, she mentioned that she had some extra left over from a valentines day promo, and she would give me one since I obviously loved lipstick. I was so surprised and excited that I leaded across the counter and gave her a huge hug.

After my Clinique lady gave me the freebie lipstick, I started telling her about my blog called The Lipstick Gal, and how I have a huge collection of lipstick. She told me that when we were looking for a new color for me, and I started telling her “No, I already have that one . . . that one too . . . and that one.” she knew I was one serious make up girl. She laughed when I told her that over the past 4 years I’ve stopped wearing most of my make up, and am trying to find my inner glamour girl again. She said that make up is like riding a bike. “Once you know how, you never forget. The trends and colors might change by the seasons, but that’s easy to catch up on.” She was very encouraging.

As I was talking to her, I notice my Lancome Lady was watching me and winked at me. It was funny, but it also made me feel like a trader. Since I had just given my mom my newest Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick that I had used twice, I decided to replace it. As I walked over to the Lancome counter, I got caught up in all the pretty colors. I walked away with another new Lipstick and mascara. I spent over $100 in about 20 minutes between the two make up counters. I’m not sure how that happened. I guess you can say I have no impulse control when it comes to cosmetics.

So to put all of my recent purchases to good use, I decided to use them as summer inspiration. If you already have the perfect Maxi dress (or are planning to get one) here are some great ways to accessorize it. Summer is all about fun. Don’t take your style too seriously. Relax into it, and enjoy. The accessories are much more expensive that I would spend, but they were pretty and caught my eye. Basically, have a pretty jeweled sandal, fun earrings, and a statement necklace. Don’t wear them all together, but mix and match. Don’t be afraid of bold nail colors, they’re fun. They’re great on toe nails if you’re worried about wearing them on fingers. Go lighter on the make up during the summer time. Don’t forget to put on SPF 30 or above every day. Be good to your skin, even on days that aren’t sunny.

Work That Maxi Dress

Look pretty this Summer. I promise to put all of my lipstick to good use!

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5 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Summer

  1. This is where I admit that I do own every cosmetic product in the Polyvore set. Every Lipstick, every Chubby, every Zoya color. I LOVE color, and cosmetics.

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