My Latest Addiction

My new addiction isn’t nail polish. I know, I totally fooled you. You were sure my latest addiction was cosmetic related. Right?

My current addiction is a fun new website called Little Black Bag. It debuted in February, and I’ve been there since day one. My good friend Freya told me about it, and I had to try it. Imagine a website dedicated to fun accessories. Handbags, jewelry, scarves, makeup, small home decor items, and if you get lucky, a luxury item added to your bag for free.

If you’re not already familiar with Little Black Bag, you take quiz, choose one item, and then they add 1-3 more items to your bag as a surprise. Don’t be worried. The items in you bag aren’t final. You have 7 days before your bag ships to trade with other Little Black Bag devotees on the website. Did I mention the entire bag costs you $55 dollars? It doesn’t matter what goes in, or how much the retail value is, it all costs $55.

So here’s how it goes:  I’ll trade you my $30 White Hello Kitty Watch for your $28 Cargo Eye quad in Baja.

White Plastic Hello Kitty Watch

Cargo Eye Shadow Quad in Baja

Because I haven’t worn any Hello Kitty items since I was 10, I really jumped at the chance to grab the Cargo Quad. Here’s my bag so far:

The above Cargo Eye Shadow Quad,

Big Buddha Kiss Lock Wallet

Big Buddha Gunmetal Clutch with Bow and Chain Strap

Gorjana Gold Loop pendant necklace

Rain wrap around chain earrings

Zad Old Style Bicycle necklace

Zad squirrel adjustable ring

You may be wondering why there are 7 items in my bag? Well, the great thing about Little Black bag is their return policy. They guarantee that you’ll love your items, or you can return them. I had buyers remorse over last months bag, and returned it. When I opened this month’s bag, I had exchange credit. So along with my 3 items for this month, I also got another 4 in exchange credit. This gave me 7 items total. I feel so Little Black Bag rich right now! I feel like doing a happy dance.

One of the things I love about Little Black Bag is that although I have a very specific style, I’m branching out because of what I see in the gallery. There are well over 200 items at any time, and I see every single one of those items as a possibility. I look at each item and wonder how it will go with my current wardrobe. Some of the more whimsical pieces in my bag this month like the squirrel ring, and the old style bike necklace wouldn’t be things that I would just pick up at the store for my self at $18 each, but when they get tossed in my bag, I get attached to them because of their whimsy. I love the sense of humor they bring to my accessories.

When I look at my jewelry as a collection, I have two different types. The serious types that I wear with twin sets and suits, and the handmade boho jewelry that I make myself. The type of jewelry that I’m getting in my bag this month is fun. I can’t wait to wear that squirrel ring! I already know what outfit I’m going to pair that bike necklace with. The chain earrings will give just the right edge to my jeans and black t-shirt.

I’ll admit it, I’m the first one to spend big money on a new handbag. I can’t remember the last time I purchased a new wallet. This should be the month I finally get my new wallet. If I’m lucky, I’ll swap that Gun Metal Bow Clutch from Big Buddha for another wallet as a birthday gift for my mother-in-law. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good trading.

Of course, now that I’ve spent the last several hours musing over this post (while feeding children, bathing them, and putting them to bed) I now have a completely different bag. Only 3 of my 7 items are the same. It changes so quickly. I LOVE Little Black Bag. I still have 6 days and 19 hours until my trading time is over. Who knows what I’ll have by then?

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