Bag Over My Head

Yes, this is another post about my hair disaster. After this, I promise not to blog about it again. If you don’t feel like reading about it, just skip it. I promise this will be the last time I complain about it. Really. Scouts honor.

I feel like wearing a bag over my head until I look like myself again. When I woke up yesterday morning and stumbled to the bathroom, I startled myself. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. My hair was a very light red color. It had no dye in it. I had stripped all the dye out, but the chemicals had lifted my original color from a dark brown with auburn high-lights, to a dark strawberry blond. Thankfully I have the skin tone to pull it off. It still startled me.

My children didn’t recognize me, and my mother who is visiting from Ohio gasped when she saw me. I made an appointment for 2pm to get my hair color corrected at a reputable salon in town.

When I walked into the salon, the person who was going to fix my hair wasn’t sure what I was there for. She said my color looked good. So did another stylist who came to consult. They said they’d seen much worse when it came to color mistakes. I looked at them like they were crazy. Of course since neither of them know me, how could they know this was a terrible disaster in my world.

For all my years of complaining about my hair, I do have to admit I love my hair. I have very thick, naturally curly hair. With all the curl comes coarse hair, and lots of frizz, but over all, it’s really pretty hair. I didn’t start coloring my hair until 10 years ago when my grey started to settle in. I’ve always been happy with my natural color. It’s a rich brown with auburn red high-lights. That’s what I’ve been trying to re-create over the last 10 years. I had just settled into a happy place with my first color attempt. Then I got cocky. I wanted to use professional products. I wanted to use a bowl and a brush like my stylist does. I wanted to feel like a pro.That led to the 3am color disaster.

So after conferring with the two stylists at the salon yesterday, we decided that the only way to tone down the strawberry blond look was to go a dark brown. It’s pretty, but it’s not me. When I woke up this morning I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror.

I spent $30 at Sally’s Beauty Supply to get the color, mixing bowl and brush. Then I spent another $30 at Walmart to get the Oops Color remover that turned my hair strawberry blond. I spent $90 at the salon for a color correction and deep conditioning. Total cost of color disaster was $150. Is this where I mention that I spent $70 for a hair cut on Wednesday? I’ve spent WAY TOO MUCH on my hair in the past 48 hours.

I suppose the moral of this tale is: Don’t get cocky, and be happy with what you have.

Now where is that paper bag? I might just want to wear it until I can recognize myself in the mirror again.

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2 thoughts on “Bag Over My Head

  1. Freya says:

    My heart hurts for you! That is a disaster. You went from home coloring training wheels to unicycle in one month! I’m SO sorry. I feel guilty for introducing you to the hair dye. 😦

    • Darling, it wasn’t you. If I had purchased the John Frieda foam again, I wouldn’t be blogging about any of this. This was my own doing. Well, mine and the ladies at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I blame them for telling me “Nothing can possibly go wrong.” Those were their exact words. I’m still a little upset. Of course, I’m the one who walked into the store, and bought the color. I did this. You should’ve seen me yesterday with the orangutan hair. It was funny.

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