Home hair color gone wrong

Well, I did it, I officially killed my hair. What started out as a great first home color in February, quickly turned into a terrible second attempt yesterday.

I was lured in by the fancy tubes of professional color at Sally’s Beauty Supply, and the assurance that it was much better hair color than what I was getting from the drug store. So I caved. I got two tubes of color, developer, and a mixing bowl and brush. I left assured that my color would be perfect.

One hour later, my hair was bright red at the roots, and black starting two inches away from my roots to the tips. It was a HORRIBLE color. I nearly started to cry. By this time, it was 9 pm at night. Too late to call anyone for help.

This is where the wash rinse repeat cycle started. I washed my hair 6 times with Neutrogena anti-residue formula. The least color safe shampoo I could think of. It did strip out quite a bit of color, but I still looked terrible. By 11 pm I made a run to Walmart to get Oops Color hair color remover. After applying that and rinsing for nearly 30 minutes as recommended for thick, long hair, I now have a light amber colored hair.

I’m not sure which color is worse. The black forest cherry, or the brassy burnt caramel color. They are both equally unacceptable. I’m waiting until the salons open for a moment to direct dial and panic on the phone with someone who knows my pain.

Did I mention that my stylist is on maternity leave, and now I have to trust my crazy hair to a complete stranger? I’m worried.

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5 thoughts on “Home hair color gone wrong

  1. What? No pictures? 😉

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