How Nail Polish Lured Me Into a Good Read

I know you must be thinking “Really, nail polish?” But yes, nail polish. I started this blog in February as an opportunity to reconnect with my pretty, feminine side. The part of me that enjoys color, cosmetics, accessories, and fashion. I stopped subscribing to fashion magazines when I bought my house 7 years ago. I traded Allure and In Style for Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens. Then when I had children, I received Parenting Magazine. Of course by that point, I had traded books for magazines. I couldn’t find the time to read an entire book for quite a while.

This past February, I purchased my first fashion magazine in years at the checkout counter. In the pages of In Style, I was puzzled to see this ad.

What was this pink confection of a woman doing as the model for all these earth tones? What was with the crazy paper eyelashes that I had seen on sale at This was the strangest ad I had seen in years. None of it made any sense. I hadn’t even heard of The Hunger Games.

Yes, I know you’re gasping. How is that possible you ask? Does she live under a rock? How could she be so cut off from the world that she missed this so completely? I have one word for you: Toddlers. The only books I read regularly are from Mo Willems, the brilliant author of the Elephant and Piggy books my daughters adore. If you are a good friend of mine and suggested sometime over the past several years that I read The Hunger Games, please don’t be offended. I heard you, but I wasn’t listening. Chances are, I was watching your lips move while shooting glances at my husband. Glances that meant “Are you going to stop the children from screaming, or am I?” If we were on the phone, I heard you while I watched my girls pull every book from the bookcase and try to beat each other with them while I was attempting to have a grown up conversation. So yes, I missed it. Big time.

This ad caught my attention in February. Then, when I walked into my local beauty supply store about 10 days ago to purchase some manicure items, I saw the colors. They were beautiful. I immediately snagged two of them, and have been loving wearing them. After wearing the olive-green color called “Argo” late last week, I decided on a whim to buy The Hunger Games on my Nook reader. I was not prepared for its captivating story and characters. I was completely sucked in. I finished the book in less than a day, and then downloaded Catching Fire. I devoured that one too. I stayed up until 1am this morning to finish book 3, Mockingjay.

It’s fantastic that my love of cosmetics lured me into a good book. Now that my kids are 2 and 4, I do get to read a bit more. I will be taking note of my best friend’s blog The Tiger’s Eye. Funny how her last blog included The Hunger Games.

Pull out your favorite nail polish this week and give yourself a home manicure, and while it dries, curl up with a good book.

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One thought on “How Nail Polish Lured Me Into a Good Read

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Lipstick Gal. 🙂

    May the odds be in your favor. Happy Reading!

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