The day my world stopped

Monday afternoon was the day my world stopped. That might be a strong way to phrase it, but it’s true. No one died. All my family is fine, but my laptop isn’t.

Monday afternoon, my 2-year-old daughter who I’ve nicknamed Beans, found me asleep with my ear buds in. I had fallen asleep watching a BBC miniseries on Netflix. I must have just dozed off, and instead of touching me to awaken me, Beans decided to pour the entire contents of her box of coconut water down the front of my laptop screen. I awoke when the coconut water hit my lap, and she was still pouring. I gasped “Beans!” and she very methodically banged her box against the screen to make sure every drop was out.

At this point I was scrambling for a towel, and calling for my mother to help. My mother is visiting for a few weeks from Ohio. She is also the one who armed my daughter with a liquid that wasn’t in a sippy cup.

Vita Coco Coconut Water - The liquid that killed my laptop

My laptop screen started to flicker, flash, and then went dark. I stare at it as if it has just died. My mother came in to my bedroom and saw me staring with this horrible look on my face, and says “Sis, what’s wrong?” When I explain the entire situation, and my broken laptop she says “Oh, is that all?”

This is when I realize that my mother, who is 60, doesn’t have a personal relationship with technology. She uses technology as a tool. She’s just as happy using her land line as her Blackberry. She doesn’t care which computer she uses as long as she can check her email. She isn’t into social media. She doesn’t know what a blog is. Her life is made better by technology, but not emotionally impacted by it.

Monday evening I spent several hours looking into ways to fix my laptop. I called friends who work with computers everyday. I asked for suggestions as to what I might replace my laptop with if, heaven forbid, it was completely ruined. This laptop isn’t just a tool for me, it’s like a friend. I love the way it looks, the way it feels. I know everything about it, and the idea of having to dump it for a new “friend” made me sad. I actually cried.

I brought it to work today, and had my radio engineer look at it. He plugged it in, and had good news for me. The computer is fine, but the screen is shot. A new screen will cost about $60 online, and he is willing to tell my husband where to find one.

I’m glad to say Beans and coconut water have not triumphed. My laptop will live to see another day. Hopefully many more blogs, and BBC shows on Netflix. Now, to convince my husband fixing my laptop is a priority. Wish me luck.

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2 thoughts on “The day my world stopped

  1. Freya says:

    I dread the day my current laptop dies. I am so tied to my technology! I love my iPad, but the keypad is difficult to use for things like blogging and work. Hope you get that fixed soon! And thanks for the chat tonight!

    • I LOVE my technology! Really I do. I’ve been looking over some options, and I really don’t think a tablet would replace a laptop for me since I type a lot. Great to talk to you too Freya.

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