Out of my Comfort Zone and Loving it


I’m out of my comfort zone and loving it. I’ve never worn blue nail polish before. I’m a huge fan of red, raspberry, burgundy, coral, pale pink, and sandy nudes. Last year I started wearing grey polish. It was a great nude tone that wasn’t beige. A wonderful color for fall and winter. Now that spring is coming, I’m starting to look for pretty spring colors. I quickly fell in love with this blue from Zoya. It’s called Skylar. I wasn’t sure it was going to look good on me, but after getting a nail plate with the entire True nail color collection on it, I fell in love.

I realize that the more and more I try different colors, the more and more daring I become. Before you know it, I’ll be sporting some amazing nail art. I’m not sure it’s for me in the long run, but it sure is fun right now. If you like to polish your own nails, and need a little inspirations, check out this blog I stumbled upon the other day. You’ll love it! PolishYouPretty.com

Try something new. You might be surprised by what you like. I know I am.


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