Toddler’s Birthday bash

I’m the mom of two girls. They are adorable, and about to have their 2nd and 4th birthdays. My oldest daughter was born on March 5th, and My youngest was born on March 10.

Every time their age difference comes up in discussion, people ask me if it was planned. NO. Sometimes I wish they weren’t this close in age. My first experience trying to get pregnant was that it took some time. We had to try. The second time, we didn’t. I thought we’d have the same process again, but no. That saying about “Once is all it takes”. Now I understand that saying.

So, all that aside, I was up late last night decorating a cake for a birthday bash for the girls. My oldest daughter asked for a Candy Land cake. I asked my youngest what she wanted, but the minute she heard “candy” from her older sister, she was sold. So candy is our theme.

I’ll admit that I love to bake. I always make the birthday cakes for my kids. This year is different. I have pneumonia, so I decided to take a little help from the store. I bought a plain white sheet cake from my local Safeway grocery store, along with some white butter cream frosting direct from the bakery section of the store. I spent 3 hours last night decorating it, and had a ton of fun.

I’ll admit this has nothing to do with beauty or fashion, but it is what one sick mom is willing to do for the girls she loves. Wish you could be here to enjoy a slice of cake with us. It’s a pure sugar bomb.

Candy Land cake for my daughters' birthday party later today.

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2 thoughts on “Toddler’s Birthday bash

  1. That cake looks great! 🙂 You will have lots of kids bouncing off the walls at your home. Happy Birthday to the girls!

    • Just so you know, there will also be lots of fresh veggies and fresh fruit. Healthy snacks to counter balance the sugar shock the kids will get. There will also be a “decorate your own cupcake with candy” station as a craft. This is just my way to get rid of all the extra candy I have left over from decorating the cake. I must still have 25 lbs.

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