I’m sick, but don’t want to look like Death on a Cracker!

I’ve been sick. Not just kind of sick, but really sick. The kind of sick that keeps me home from work for two days. I’m usually the sort that will tough it out and go to work anyway. I fill my system up with cold medications, and just plug away. So if this cold has got me calling in sick to work, it’s pretty bad.

After having to call in sick on the second day, I also put a call into my doctor’s office. I was going to get to the bottom of this. I couldn’t keep being sick. Thankfully I got an appointment during the time my babysitter is here to watch my kids. The hard part was dragging myself out of bed to get ready. I had spent the last 36 hours in bed, unwashed, unbrushed, unshaved, just totally gross. It was time to wash the stink off, and join the world of the living.

I knew that there was no way I was going to spend time on my hair, or putting on a full face of make up. That never happens when I feel sick. I also reminded myself that despite my illness, I could still look like a person not a zombie. So after a good hot shower, I put on some cute jeans, a simple black v-neck top and a bright turquoise scarf with red patent leather flats. I grabbed a clutch I just got from Little Black Bag, and headed out the door. (This Polyvore set is similar in color and style to what I wore. The prices are not.)

Sick, but still looking good

American Vintage three quarter sleeve tee, £45
Wallis indigo jeans, $52
Marc Jacobs flat heel shoes, $198
BCBGeneration clutch hand bag, $78
Jamie Joseph green onyx jewelry, $650
Odeeh green shawl, €329

As I was about to enter the Doctor’s office, I realized that I would have to remove my enormous sunglasses. I’m not one of those to keep sunglasses on inside. I’m just not that cool.

In every day life, I use sunglasses to hide my unmade face from the world when driving around. I didn’t realize until this moment that I wasn’t wearing a stitch of makeup. No concealer. No foundation. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I just don’t bother when I’m sick. With all the bright color in my outfit, my face looked so pale. I quickly thought of just adding a red lip, but then realized that it would be too much. I would look terrible without the rest of my make up.  This is when I reached for my favorite sheer red. Lancome’s L’Absolu Nu in Red Chiffon. Just enough color to make my face come to life without overwhelming it.

L'Absolu Nu in Red Chiffon - The Perfect Sheer Red

After having a fingernail polish discussion with the nurse, and a ladies accessory discussion with my doctor. (My doctor is a guy, but notices stuff because his wife LOVES accessories, and has apparently trained him well) I managed to leave with instructions to stay in bed, take my antibiotics, narcotic filled cough syrup and call in sick for today because my chest X-ray revealed I have pneumonia. No wonder I cough like someone dying of consumption.

So today I’ve been sleeping, watching Downton Abbey on PBS, painting my nails, and trading accessories on Little Black Bag. It’s how us sick girls survive being sick.

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3 thoughts on “I’m sick, but don’t want to look like Death on a Cracker!

  1. Freya says:

    I want those jeans. Big time.

    Feel better!

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