Peer Pressure is Great!

I suppose that blog post title might be a little misleading. My very dear friend Freya, who writes, was kind enough to clue me in that my choice of using Blogger for my fledgling blog was a terrible idea. Yes, this is what good friends do. They look you in the eye, or as in Freya’s case, gently told me over the phone that “all the cool kids” use WordPress. So I caved to peer pressure. Here I am. I’ve moved my blog.

I’ll continue to share my experience of trying to ditch the tired zombie mommy look, and find my inner glamour girl. I might occasionally blog about random things. I give myself permission to do this because . . . well . . . why not?

I hope you’ll swing by occasionally and enjoy what I’ve been discovering about new products and old favorites. This zombie mommy is wearing tangerine lipstick tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “Peer Pressure is Great!

  1. Freya says:

    YAY PEER PRESSURE! Welcome to the cool kids’ hangout. How are you liking it? I’ll change my link to your blog.

    Also, I’m dying to know how the hair coloring experiment went! Do a blog post on that!

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