Fast Track Beauty

Yes, I’ve already admitted I’ve been looking a little dowdy recently. Well, a lot dowdy. Being a mom of two children under the age of 4 can really take a toll. I hate to admit it, but there have been days that I’ve left the house and forgot to put on deodorant. Days without brushing my teeth, even days where I’ve been so busy that I’ve left the house in my fuzzy slippers and not known it. It’s amazing that I forget these things now, when before children I would never have left the house with out make up, much less deodorant.

Recently I spent an evening with a good friend who just had a baby. We were talking about lack of sleep, expectations of working moms, and how she just didn’t feel as glamorous as before. We laughed about the changes in our lives. Her enjoyable afternoon no longer consisted of a leisurely afternoon at Sephora, but rather just getting the baby to nap. I’d trade a full spa pedicure for a chance to shave my legs AND wash my hair in the shower before the kids start to scream and argue. I no longer have time to do both unless I want to mediate an argument while naked and soapy in the shower. Um, no thank you.

I know not all of us have children. That’s just my excuse. I do know that we’re all busy. Somehow I haven’t met a single woman who isn’t overcommitted. With all the things we have to do in a day, we all need some fast and easy beauty items. Here are a few things that put me on the fast track to feeling beautiful, in a minimal amount of time.

When I have time to sit down and do a proper manicure I’ll use a base coat, two coats of color, and a high shine top coat. When I don’t have time and want an instant pop of color, I reach for my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish. Right now, I’m in love with grey tones, the perfect neutral that’s not a nude. This one from Sally Hansen is called “Slick Slate”. It makes my short nails look chic in no time flat. Two minutes later I can safely dig in my purse for my keys and not worry about my nails. Really.

Color – Slick Slate

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for lipsticks. I currently am carrying around 8 different shades in my purse. (this count doesn’t include the 3 glosses and two lip balm products I also have in my purse) I have a weakness for lip color. My all time favorite is a deeply saturated red. If you’ve ever worn a deeply saturated red, you know how it’s best to take care to prime the lip first. Balm first to moisturize, then line the lip and fill with liner, finally apply red lipstick with a brush. This does not fall into fast lane beauty items. What does, are the new shades of Clinique’s Almost Lipstick. Most every woman I know has at one time tried the cult favorite “Black Honey” and loved it. Even if they borrowed it from a friend in the bathroom at a party. More than a decade ago Clinique used to have a plethora of shades in the Almost Lipstick line. Most were forgettable. After creating some beautiful new colors that work on nearly any skin tone, they’ve released 7 new colors to go along with the original favorite “Black Honey”.

Clinique’s Almost Lipstick Collection

All of the Almost Lipsticks from Clinique qualify for fast track beauty. They are sheer flattering shades that you don’t need a mirror to apply. Instead of picking up “Black Honey” again I decided to try two different shades. I am now the proud owner of “Tender Honey”. It’s like my own lip color, but better. Not too pink, not too nude, with a soft shine that makes them look perfectly natural. For the woman who always wears red, this is strange, but it’s so pretty. I also have “Chic Honey”. On my lips it looks like a sheer berry wine shade, and is so lovely.  A nice alternative to red. You can truly apply both colors without a mirror. I have one in my winter coat pocket so I have it handy all the time, and in a week, it’s already starting to run low. I guess I’m using it like lip balm.

The hardest part of my beauty routine is my hair. I have long, wavy, frizzy hair. Hair  that needs lots of product and a diffuser to tame it. When time is running short, my favorite thing to do is pull my hair up. I can’t just put it in a cute pony tail, because  it always looks like someone ran over it with an SUV. If I’m going to put my hair up,  I have to hide all the ends. This is where a french roll, or a loose chignon looks so  purposeful. I can manage this in just minutes with a few amazing items from Goody. I found the Spin Pins nearly two years ago, and they have changed the way  I do my hair. Two or three Spin Pins hold my hair in a bun or an updo all day. I don’t  have to worry that it will come down. I also love the Modern Updo Maker. It’s a  giant U-shaped pin that makes holding a french roll easy. One pin for a french roll? Yes please.
These come larger, but I love the minis
One pin to rule them all!

Just a few things in my beauty arsenal that I love to use when I’m in a hurry. Here’s to looking fabulous in no time flat! If you have a beauty short cut, let me know. I’m always looking for new tricks.


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